Use Macbook As a Second Monitor For PC | Here’s How to Do It

It is a worldwide assumption that Windows and MAC cannot work together because they belong to rival companies. Well, at one point, it was that way. There was no way MAC and Windows were expected to be compatible with each other. From the rivalry between their Founders to the allegations they have bought up about each other. It has been a rough road, but these days after putting their differences aside, Windows and MAC have become quite compatible as you can use Macbook as a second monitor for PC.

Use Macbook As a Second Monitor For PC

Well, it hasn’t been an easy road; there are different methods and methods through which one can use a Macbook as a second monitor for PC. Even though the rivalry very much still exists as a controlled flame, There are many different ways by which MAC and PC can co-exist and very much work compatibly in the same environment. Recently, we shared methods to use iPad as a drawing tablet for PC, and today, we’ll share the step-up-step guide to use Macbook as a second monitor for PC.

Use Macbook As A Second Monitor For PC 2023 | Guide

Now that we know that we can connect our MAC book to our PC and use it as our second monitor, But before getting into anything, let’s have a practical thought for a second. Although most MacBooks feature an HDMI connector, it is solely designed for video output, making the first and presumably preferable option—having an HDMI cable connection between your PC and MacBook, which is impossible. It’s interesting to note that certain Mac Pros and iMacs support wired visual inputs through Thunderbolt or HDMI. It’s a shame that their laptops lack the same capability.

Even when there is no direct solution to this issue, there has been a rapid development of third-party tools that you can use for connecting your Macbook and PC. Most of the tools listed are safe to use and trusted by the public but do your privacy research before opting for one.

Use Macbook As A Second Monitor For PC | All Methods You Need to Know

Using a virtual desktop via a network connection is the available choice. The MacBook will get information from the primary PC through the internet about a new desktop. A few apps let you broadcast from and even interact with the desktop of another computer. VNCViewer is used on Linux, whereas Splashtop is one of many more on Windows. You can explore this and select the option that best suits your needs. Now, let’s explore other ways to connect our MacBook to PC safely.

Deskgreen: The Wiki-Approved Tool

The competition between PCs and MacBooks may never end, but that doesn’t mean the two devices can’t still cooperate! Using Deskreen, a simple and cost-free streaming program, you may even utilize a MacBook as your computer’s second display. A fantastic technique to expand or mirror your desktop is to use your MacBook as a second monitor for your PC. The simplest method to use a MacBook as a second display for your Windows computer is explained in this wikiHow article. Follow the steps below to learn how to use it properly: 

  • On your computer, download and install Deskreen.

dowload deskreen

  • Grab a virtual display adapter.
  • Plug the adapter into your system
  • Sign in to Deskreen.

launch deskreen

  • Type in your IP address in the browser.

ip address on mac

  • Click the “Allow” option.
  • Select the second screen you want to add from the options in the box.
  • Change the PC’s projection settings to “Extend”
  • You are now good to go!

Duet Display:

This third-party tool is very well used by its customers worldwide who want to connect their Macbook to PC; it has its pros and cons, such as its compatibility with every platform one may use. On the other hand, the con is that this tool is expensive and lacks many display options. Follow the step below to learn how to use it properly:

  • Start by downloading and installing the Duet Display Tool
  • Start the app by launching it.

click on your device

  • Click on the device you want to select.
  • You are good to go.

Airdroid Cast: 

This tool is beneficial and is known for its multi-connectivity option. It can connect up to 5 devices and is easy to use. Follow the steps below to know the exact process to use this application: 

  • On your computer, download and install Airdroid Cast.
  • Start the software

airdroid cast

  • Type in the Cast code.

cast code

  • Click on “Allow” to extend your permission
  • You are done.


Even though a bunch of applications works the same way Slashtop does, this is the only application that can be trusted. You start a second software that “receives” the stream from the host computer on your target machine, such as a Macbook, Android tablet, or another Windows PC. The target computer transforms into a second monitor, showing a copy or an expansion of the host computer’s desktop. This is dependent on the streaming app settings you select for the host system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my MacBook as a second monitor for PC?

Yes, you can use your Macbook as a second monitor for PC even though this cannot be done directly through connecting HDMI but by using third-party software and application such as Airdroid cast and Slashtop.

What is the best Software to use for my MacBook as a second monitor for PC? 

There has been a surge of options that one person can use as their best option. Honestly, it differs. Each software available in the market has its pros and cons; concerning personal choice, there is no definitive answer to this. But we would suggest software such as Deskreen and Duet Display as one of the best software available. Please refer to the report above for more helpful software to get your job done. 


Even though there has been no official or direct method for this issue, we have managed to take the problem into our own hands and fix it through third-party software. Please let us know below if we missed out on any possible methods you have used in the past.

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