Unable to Load Video iPhone | Here’s How to Fix It

Smartphones have made our lives easier, no doubt. But after all, they are machines, and sometimes they make errors that are hard to resolve and, in return, frustrate us. The iPhone is among the top-selling smartphones worldwide, but this smartphone has also recently been facing a glitch. Thus people have been searching for reasons and solutions as to why they are ‘Unable to load video iPhone.’

Unable To Load Video iPhone

While many iPhone users have recently encountered this problem, the issue is that whenever they try to play any video on their iPhone, a dialogue box appears stating “unable to load video.” In this blog, we will provide all the possible solutions to this problem to fix it ASAP.

Unable To Load Video iPhone | All Possible Reasons

Glitches in iPhones are an infrequent sight. The iPhone is amongst the smoothest and most user-friendly smartphones in the world. This has been the prime reason for it being the choice of millions. But the inability to load video has recently caused a major disappointment among its users.

There are a plethora of reasons that may cause this problem, and we will guide you through every possible solution you can adopt to fix the issue. Even if one doesn’t work for you, the other one definitely will.

Software Issue on Update

The inability to load a video on iPhone came to light after Apple’s recent iOS 14 update. Many users believe that their iPhone was working just fine before the update. From this, we can conclude that there might be some software glitches in the update that are causing this problem to occur.

Apple's recent iOS 14 update

Software glitches are constantly looked upon by Apple and thus we can hope that this issue gets fixed automatically if it is because of the iOS 14 update. In this case, you don’t have to do anything other than hope that the company fixes this issue soon.

Slow Internet Connection

Another possible and valid reason for the occurrence of the problem can be that your iPhone is not connected to the internet or is having a slow internet connection. In this case, videos from iCloud would not be processed, and as a result, an unable-to-load video notification will pop up on the screen.

This has usually been the case with many users when their internet connection has gone off unknowingly, and they keep imagining why their videos aren’t loading.

Insufficient Storage

If your iPhone is too old and you are unable to load video, this might be because of insufficient space availability in your phone. This is because loading videos on iPhones consumes some space, and if your phone does not have enough space to do so, it will throw the unable to load video pop-up screen, causing the problem.

Insufficient Storage

Even if your iPhone is new, check if it has run out of space and try creating some space for the videos to be processed smoothly.

Optimize Storage Option Enabled

Every iPhone has storage optimization settings. But it may or may not be enabled. You can check whether this setting is enabled on your iPhone or not, as this might be the reason for the inability to load video problems on your iPhone.

This is because the optimized storage option focuses on saving space on your iPhone by using iCloud storage, but this sometimes causes a failure in loading videos, which might cause the inability to load video problems on your iPhone.

Solutions to Load Videos on iPhone | Unable to Load Video iPhone

The unable to load a video on an iPhone is a pretty common problem, and a lot of users around the globe are facing it. There isn’t any particular fix for the problem suggested by Apple. But there are several methods you can try on your iPhone, and hopefully, any of them will fix the issue for you.

Let us know about them in detail.

Restart iPhone

Sometimes, giving your iPhone a restart often fixes the issues. So, you can try rebooting your iPhone to fix the problem, hopefully. Below are the steps to reboot your iPhone successfully:

  1. Press and hold the side button of your iPhone.
  2. A Power Off Slider will appear on the screen. Drag it.
  3. Within 30 seconds, your iPhone will turn off.
  4. Now, to restart it, again press and hold the side button of your iPhone. Soon the apple logo appears, and your iPhone is successfully restarted.

After this, check once again if the unable-to-load video problem is resolved. Hopefully, it should get fixed; if not, try the other methods below.

Stabilize your Internet Connection

Videos on iPhones often don’t load because of an unstable internet connection. The same can be the problem with your iPhone as well. In order to resolve the issue, check whether your iPhone is connected to the internet or not. Even if it is connected, ensure it has a good speed.

After making all the checks, try to load videos once again; this time, they should get loaded easily.

Turn Off Optimize Storage Option 

As mentioned above, the optimized storage option is available in every iPhone, and it might be enabled, due to which high-resolution videos might not be loading on your iPhone. So, you can try turning the optimized storage settings off to fix the unable-to-load video problem. This is an easy task to do and you can follow the steps below to carry it out successfully.

  • Open the Settings panel on your iPhone

Settings panel on your iPhone

  • Go to the iCloud option and then choose Photos or Videos

iCloud option

  • There appears an “Optimize iPhone Storage” option. Below it selects the “Download and Keep Original” option

This will disable the Optimize Storage Option.

After turning off the Optimize Storage Option, the iPhone will take a few minutes to download all videos. So, try playing a video after 5 minutes or so, and this time they should play without any errors.

Free Up Space on your iPhone

Since storage issue might also be why the iPhone would throw the unable-to-load video problem, you must check if your iPhone is running out of space. If that is the case, try removing useless apps and photos. Make some space for the video to load easily.

You must ensure that sufficient space is always available on your iPhone. This will ensure that the unable-to-load video problem never arises again.

Update your iPhone

It might also be the case that Apple would have fixed the issue in a minor update, so updating your iPhone would resolve the issue. So, update your iPhone to the latest version, then try to play videos. Hopefully, they should play this time.

Update your iPhone

Make sure you have an update to the latest released update. If the issue is resolved even after this, try resetting your iPhone.

FAQs | Unable to Load Video iPhone

Is the video loading problem occurring in every iPhone model?

Yes, the problem occurs irrespective of any specific iPhone model. This is due to the same software use or several other similar reasons.

Is formatting my iPhone a good idea to solve the problem?

If none of the above solutions work for you, choose to format your iPhone as the last available method to resolve the issue.

Will Apple ever fix this issue in upcoming updates?

Apple looks after glitches like these quickly. Thus, we hope that the unable to load video issue will also be solved soon by the company.


These were all the main reasons why the unable to video problem constantly occurred in most users’ iPhones. While most people solve the problem by adopting any of the above methods, others might have to reset their iPhones to resolve the issue ultimately.

In most cases, resetting your iPhone definitely resolves the issue if no other solution works. After resetting, videos load like generally on the iPhone, but we recommend you try out the above resolutions first to avoid resetting your iPhone completely.

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