5 Methods Remove Music From Video But Keep Voice (Easy)

While watching a video, we often find the background music disturbing our ears. Getting rid of the background sound will not only make the video better but also elevate our experience. But it can seem like a difficult job to remove music from video but keep Voice, worry not; you have come to the right place. Today we will tell you all the possible methods you can use to reach your objective.

Easy Methods To Remove Music From Video But Keep Voice

Even though it looks pretty complex and time-consuming, it is straightforward to remove Music from video but keep Voice; without wasting any time, let’s get into it!

Remove Music From Video But Keep Voice | Easy Methods

The answer to this query is not as straightforward as you may anticipate. It will be simple to take the Music out of a stereo video if there are only two split tracks. It will be more challenging to take out the Music and leave other noises if the video is blended with two stereo tracks, conversation, and different sounds.

Again, free noise removal programs can be used to eliminate sounds that are simple to remove. If the volume is low, simple, or standard, you can quickly delete the background music from a video. Contrarily, it will be more challenging to get rid of background music that is fast-paced, active, and boisterous without also getting rid of other sounds. To effectively remove such difficult-to-remove noises, it is essential to consider the pitch, phase cancellation, bit rate, and musical style.

Remove Music From Video But Keep Voice | Easy Methods

Now that we have understood how the mechanisms work, now let us discuss all the methods that could be possibly used to get our job done. 

The 5 Methods That You Can Use

Now let’s look into all the possible methods that can be used to remove Music from a video without the loss of dialogue. Before proceeding, please note that some of these sites are third-party pages, and we do not guarantee your privacy or safety, but we have tried out best to curate the safest list of methods as much we can. Now let’s get into it.


Audacity is one of the best apps for this very purpose; it is a viral platform that can be used in most software and is also free of cost. It doesn’t threaten your privacy, so the best method for removing just the Music from the video is to use Audacity. It can be used in both video and audio files. It helps remove the annoying background music of a video and can also be used to create an acapella version of your favorite song. 

Follow the instructions below to get your desired results: 

  • Go to your app store and download the Audacity App.
  • After you have installed the app, Open it and go to the “File” option in the top left corner of the application interface.
  • After clicking on the file option, Click on the “Open” option.
  • Import the file that you need to work on. (Please extract the audio file from the video beforehand to make it easier for yourself.)

upload file in audacity

  • Press “CTRL + A” to select the complete audio file.
  • Go to the Effect Menu, find and select vocal reduction and use the Isolation effect.
  • From Vocal Reduction and Isolation Effect, Choose the Remove Vocal option.

removing vocals is audacity

  • Then again, click on “File” and “Export.”
  • Choose the desired format and then click on “Process.”
  • Once the processing is done, It will be saved in your system.

Here’s a youtube tutorial that you can refer to for more elaborative answers: 

Media IO Vocal Remover: 

Another excellent method is Using Media.io’s Audio Splitter tool; this technique can take background music from voice-over videos. This technique is also cost-free for instantly taking out undesired Music from your film while leaving the vocals alone. The AI-based technology in the Media.io Vocal Remover application extracts audio or video instrumentals and separates them from the acapella version. It is extremely quick and straightforward to use. The original quality of your video clip is maintained while producing excellent audio quality. It also accepts video files in MP4, MKV, and MOV formats.

Follow the steps below to get hold of this method: 

  • Open Chrome and go to Media.io Vocal Remover.

media oi vocal remover

  • The inbuilt artificial intelligence automatically separates the Music and vocals.
  • The edited voice recording without background music should be downloaded to your device’s storage.

vocal remover


  •  Use the online video editor on Media.io to integrate the voice track and original footage into a single clip. So that’s how you keep the Voice in a video while removing the Music. It’s that easy!

merge video with audio

Spleeter By Deezer

You can tell this program is an online editor with a Deezer source by its name. The cutting-edge separation library Spleeter divides Music into two stems, four stems, or five stems, depending on your preferences. The uploaded media file is divided into the voice and music accompaniment, or instruments only, in a two-stem separation. Four-stem and five-stem separations take individual musical instruments—such as the bass guitar, drums, piano, etc.—out of a song in addition to the singer. You may quickly and effectively separate Music from video online and with software with Deezer’s Spleeter.

The steps that you need to follow are simple: 

  • Extract the audio from the Video and Go to Spleeter.
  • Upload the file and split the audio into two parts, i.e., the Music and vocals.
  • Remove the music file and save the vocal-only file.
  • Add the vocals file to your existing video file and save it in your system.


Melody. ml is another third-party site that can remove the Music without removing Voice or the vocals in a video. It is pretty similar to the Spleeter by Deezer, but the only sort coming of using this method is the quality is often compromised. It is not the best site to use for professional use, but if you are looking for something that you would use for personal use, this is for you. 

Follow the step below: 

  • Open Chrome and go to the melody.ml
  • Drop the extracted audio and click on process.
  • It will divide the audio file into two parts and delete the music file.
  • Save the processed file and add it to your video.


Other Third parties Methods

It’s incredibly challenging to do perfectly—possibly never perfectly—remove background music to display only the Voice. Having stated that, Dialog Isolate is a plugin for iZotope RX6 Advanced. I’ve been able to separate voices from Music with it to the point that I could play back the isolated dialogue over various musical selections without hearing any glitches. The new Music masked the remnants of the seclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I remove background music from a video but keep the Voice? 

To remove any unnecessary Music from the background of a video but keep the Voice, several online applications and third-party sites can be used to get the job done. Apps like Audacity are the best go-to solution because it is free of cost and easy to use.

How to remove Music from a video but keep Vocals? 

The only vocal form in a video without the Music is an acapella, there are various methods to get an acapella out of a video, but the best way to do so is to use Sites like spleeter by Deezer or Media. oi. Please refer to the article above for more elaborative information. 

Can I remove Music from a video without losing Voice?

Yes, Removing Music from a video without losing the Voice or dialogue is very much possible. Please refer to the article above for more information. 

Closure | Remove Music from the Video but Keep the Voice

You now have five different methods that you can use to remove music from the video but keep the voice. We hope these methods worked for you and if you have something to add to it, feel free to share in the comments.

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