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Images are the prime source of creating memories for ourselves. With the evolution of technology and the modernization of humans, people keep following new trends while capturing pictures as well. It’s very common to use filters when capturing an image these days. But what if you didn’t want to alter the natural beauty? That is why we have brought all the possible solutions to remove filter from photo.

Remove Filter From Photo

Pictures today have some kind of filters over them that would completely change the look of a person or thing in the picture. While filters enhance the image, they can also sometimes be quite irritating after you apply them, as they might change the look of the image completely. So, how do you remove a filter from a photo? Well, we are here with many solutions.

Remove Filter from Photo | Instagram, Snapchat & Others

Applying filters on images has been an evergreen trend since the introduction of smartphones. Moreover, with the introduction of apps like Instagram and Snapchat, the filter trend has gone even more viral among the younger audience. But filters are not always effective. Sometimes they destroy the original beauty of the image and give it an absurd look. If you also want to undo a filter effect from an image that might have destroyed it, there are certain methods you can follow to do so.

Undo a Filter using a third-party Application (Snapseed)

If you have an image that needs to be unfiltered, you can use a third-party application like Snapseed. While the application is developed and maintained by Google, you can use it to undo only mild filters, not Snapchat or Instagram filters. You can recover the originality of the image by adjusting a few aspects to make it look original up to an extent. While you can use this method only for mobile phones, you can follow the below steps to undo a filter effectively in Snapseed.

  • Open the play store or app store on your mobile phone

Open playstore

  • Search for the “Snapseed” application and download it

Download Snapseed

  • Once downloaded, open the application; Click on the big “plus” symbol that must appear on your screen

Open Snapseed

  • Give the app permission to access your media files and select the image you want to edit from your gallery
  • The image will be imported into the Snapseed app
  • In the bottom toolbar, you can see a lot of available options

Snapseed Toolbar

  • Increase or decrease the color, shadows, contrast, white balance, and tuning of the image until it gets an original effect


This way, you can effectively restore your original image and remove any filters applied to it. While most filters only put a combination of contrast, white balance, and shadows on an image, you can use these to revert the effect to the original form.

Remove Filter from Photo Snapchat (MagicEraser Method)

You can use apps like Snapseed to remove the filter effects from an image, although a problem arises when you want to remove the Snapchat filters from your picture. You must know that Snapchat lets you put many filters on your images. If you want to remove those filters, you can use the magic eraser app by Snapchat itself to do so. Although this app is only available for iOS users as of now, it will be available for Android soon.

Follow the steps below to remove a Snapchat filter from your photo successfully.

  • Open your App store on your iPhone
  • Search for “Magic Eraser”
  • Download and open the app
  • Now import the image you want to remove the filter from
  • There appears an eraser icon on your screen, or an eraser will be already floating on your screen; use it over the filtered area

Magic Eraser

  • You will notice that the filter will be automatically removed within no time

This is how you can remove a filter in your iPhone with ease. But what about android users? Well, we have a solution for them as well.

This is how you can remove a filter in your iPhone with ease. But what about android users? Well, we have a solution for them as well.

You can use the Snapchat app to remove the applied filters, but it won’t remove any face effects like a dog filter, cat filter, or other filters. Follow the steps below to remove the mild skin filters from your image.

  • Open your Snapchat app on your android phone
  • On the left side of the “capture” button is the “memories” icon; tap on it and open memories

Snapchat Memories

  • Choose the snap you want to edit
  • Now on the top right corner of your screen will be the options button shown by a three-dot icon; click on it
  • Choose the “Edit Snap” option.
  • Just slide the right or left side of the screen, and you can see many other filters for your image.
  • Keep sliding, and you will find the original version of your photo or a similar filter.

Save the final image in its original form, and there you have it. Although this method does not effectively remove major filters from your image, the magic eraser app will soon be available to make things easier for android users.

Using Photoshop

The last trick to remove a filter from your image can be to do a little editing in Photoshop. But this method can be done only if you are on a desktop and have photoshop installed. You can follow the steps below to remove the filters from your image in Photoshop successfully.

  • Open Photoshop on your system

Open Photoshop

  • Click on the “Create a project” option
  • Now choose the “File” option from the screen and select the “open” option

Step 3 Photoshop

  • Choose the image you want to edit from your local storage
  • The image will be opened on your screen
  • The “layers” panel is available on the right side of your screen; click on the first layer that appears and use “Ctrl + J” to duplicate it

Photoshp layers

  • Now use the selection tool from the left bar and select the area where you want to remove the filter from

selection tool

  • Select the content aware option from the left sidebar again; Photoshop will take some time to process the image
  • You will see that the filter has been removed from the image
  • You can use the “Heal” option to fix the mild errors in the image

Thus, this is how you can undo a filter from an image using Photoshop. Although, this method will require a basic knowledge of Photoshop to be successfully carried out.

FAQs | Remove Filter from Photo

Is there any method to unfilter a photo?

No, there is no such effect to unfilter a photo. You will just have to make some necessary changes to make it look like the original one again.

What is the contrast level to bring an image to its original form?

No fixed level of contrast will bring the image to its original form. It is a hit-and-try method until the picture looks like its original form.

Can we remove Snapchat filters from the Snapchat app?

No, there is no such option to remove a face filter in Snapchat. Although, if you are an iPhone user, you can use the magic eraser app to do so.


So, these are the methods you can try to remove the filter effect from an image. While no such app or software could completely undo a filter, you can make some more changes in the image to look like its original form. While the magic eraser app is the best option for iPhone users, android users can try apps like Snapseed, PicsArt, and other such apps to try to remove a filter from an image.

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