Remove Dropbox From Mac (Quick How-to Guide)

Currently, storing files on cloud platforms has become a necessity, and it is becoming the future of storage. We don’t just save files on these platforms because it helps keep a backup of the files on the internet but also helps free some storage on our devices. But lately, people want to remove dropbox from mac. It is because Apple has modified the storage structure for dropbox. Due to this, it ends up taking up more space rather than freeing it up.

How To Remove Dropbox From Mac

If you have tried to remove dropbox previously, you must have seen a pop-up saying, “The item Dropbox can’t be moved to the Trash because some of its plugins are in use,” or you didn’t remove it because you are afraid to lose your files. But don’t worry because we bring you the ultimate dropbox removal guide. Read till the end to learn how to remove dropbox while saving your files.

How Do I Completely Remove Dropbox From Mac?

In order to remove dropbox efficiently, follow these group of steps:

Step 1: Unlink the Dropbox on your mac

The first and most important step before removing the dropbox from your mac is to unlink it. It is essential as if not unlinked, it might affect your data. To unlink your dropbox follow these steps:-

  • Go to the menu bar and click on the dropbox icon
  • Go to preferences
  • Click on Account
  • Now click on “Unlink this dropbox” or “Sign Out” button

Step 1

Now you have successfully unlinked your dropbox from your mac. We do this so that the syncing of files to dropbox stops.

Note: Your files in the dropbox will remain unchanged, even if you edit the files in your mac after unlinking.

Step 2: Moving Dropbox to Trash

After you have successfully unlinked dropbox, we go to the next step, i.e., moving dropbox to the trash can. But we can’t trash it directly; we’ll first need to quit the app. Follow the steps below:

  • To quit dropbox, click on the dropbox icon on the menu bar
  • Click on the User Icon
  • Now click on Quit

Step 2 -1

Alternatively: If you are not able to quit the application using the above steps, then go to the Activity Monitor and then Force Stop the application, i.e., Dropbox

  • Now launch Finder
  • Locate the sidebar and click on Applications
  • Now drag the application to the trash or click on the icon and select move to trash
  • Go to the trash and empty it

Step 2 - 2

Step 3: Removing unnecessary files of Dropbox

After successfully removing the application, we still need to remove its preference files, caches and cookies, service files, and support files. All these files are stored in the library folder. Follow the steps below carefully, as it might get a little technical.

  • Launch Finder. Press Command+Shift+G keys together and navigate to ~/library

Step 3 - 1

  •  Now check the list of folders below and remove dropbox from them
    • ~/Library/Application Support
    • ~/Library/Application Scripts
    • ~/Library/Caches
    • ~/Library/Saved Application State
      • ~/Library/Containers
      • ~/Library/Group Containers
      • ~/Library/Preferences
      • ~/Library/Cookies
      • ~/Library/Launch Agents

Step 3 - 2

    • You’ll need to remove the relevant files (dropbox files) from all these folders one by one
    • Step 3 - 3Now find the file DropboxHelperTools in the library and move it to trash


Now to successfully get rid of all the files, empty your trash. Voila, you have successfully removed dropbox and all its unnecessary files.

Note: Remember that removing dropbox doesn’t delete the dropbox folder. This folder contains all the files which were placed in dropbox. If you wish to remove all your dropbox files as well, then move the dropbox folder to trash.

Will Uninstalling Dropbox Delete Files?

It is safe to presume that almost all the mac users have some files on their dropbox. This might be one of the reasons you are not able to remove/uninstall dropbox from your mac. Don’t worry we understand you don’t wish to lose your files and so we bring you the solution.

Firstly, when you remove the dropbox from your mac, the background synchronisation stops. This means, any changes made on the files previously linked to dropbox will have no effect on the files stored on the cloud.

In order to remove dropbox without having your files deleted you need to make sure that you unlink your account. After you have unlinked your account you can delete dropbox without any hicks.

All in all, just follow the steps mentioned above on how to remove dropbox from mac completely and you should be good to go. Removing the dropbox doesn’t have any effect on the files if you have unlinked your account.

How to remove dropbox from mac startup?

Did you know that many applications run in the background? These applications could even be those which you don’t use often. There are many applications that, by default, start running in the background once your system boots up. The problem is that they use up unnecessary RAM on your device. Dropbox is one of those applications.

You might not be looking towards removing dropbox from your system altogether, but you want to remove it from the startup menu. To remove it from the startup menu and save some RAM, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Dropbox Preferences

Step 2: Go to General Tab

Step 3: Uncheck the box “Start Dropbox on system startup”

Dropbox at startup

And that’s it. You have successfully removed dropbox from startup applications. Now you have one less application draining your system’s RAM.

You should check all the applications that run in the background. If unnecessary apps are running, you can disable them using the same method. Not only will it save up RAM but also improve your systems performance stats.

FAQs | Remove Dropbox from Mac

Why can’t I remove dropbox from mac?

You can’t simply delete dropbox from your mac by dragging it to the trash folder. If you are facing issues removing dropbox, it is because it is running in the background. To remove it efficiently, follow the steps of “How do I completely remove dropbox from mac.”

How do I stop dropbox from synching?

To stop your dropbox from synching your files, simply unlink or sign out from your dropbox account. Click on the dropbox icon> Preferences> Account> Sign out/unlink.

Is deleting dropbox cache files safe?

Cache files are the support files that help the application load faster. Removing these files doesn’t impact your personal files and is completely safe. In addition, removing these files might solve some other issues in your system.

How to uninstall dropbox windows 10?

If you want to remove dropbox from your windows 10 device, then follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Start and go to Settings
  2. Now, click on Apps
  3. Go to Apps and Features
  4. Select Dropbox
  5. Now, click on Uninstall

To remove Dropbox from your device, delete the folder manually or drag and drop the folder in the Bin.

Conclusion | Remove Dropbox From Mac

If you followed the steps given above, then you would have been able to remove dropbox from your mac. If you didn’t follow the steps as we went further, it would be good if you pin this tab or write the steps down somewhere.

The most important key point to note here is that unlinking or signing out from your dropbox account before deleting it is crucial. Otherwise, you might lose your data. We also deliberated how you can remove dropbox from your startup. If you are not looking to remove dropbox altogether, we suggest you remove it from the startup menu.

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