Make a PDF File Smaller on MAC | Straightforward Methods

Are you struggling with storage in your mac device? In the growing culture of digitalization, we all work to keep space for our digital memoirs. PDFs are one of the best formats because they retain all the formatting from the source file, and no matter which device is used, they always display correctly. So today, we’ll share 5 free methods to make a pdf file smaller on mac. 

Make a PDF File smaller on MAC

This a small reminder that when the pdf file is compressed, the quality of the content may go down. So without wasting any time, let’s get into it. 

Make a PDF File Smaller on Mac | How to Do It?

Work-life is hectic everywhere and always. With the current situation with COVID, we have been well aware that our electronic devices are life and bread savers for us. Everything is done electronically. After receiving and sending tons of files daily, we all have a whole load of things stored in our macs. 

Naturally, the inevitable result of piling files and losing the storage space in our macs comes knocking, and now we have to face it. But instead of deleting the important and precious data, we may need in the future, let’s go with the intelligent approach of compressing the PDFs into smaller files. 

7 Easy Methods to Make PDF Files Smaller without Losing Quality

Here are some methods to make PDF files smaller on Mac: 

MAC Preview | Reduce PDF Size Mac Free Method

The most traditional and free-of-cost method to shrink the size of a PDF file is to use MAC’s built-in program “Preview.” It is a straightforward method to use. It is free of cost. We will make it simpler for you by guiding you step by step.

  •  Open the PDF with the Preview Option. 
  •  Click on the file, and from there, click on Export.

Open file and click on export


  •  After clicking on Export, click on QUARTZ, then choose the Reduce File Size option.

Click on quartz and reduce the size

  •  Click on SAVE. 

Using MAC preview to compress pdf

Lightweight PDF: A free PDF compressor for MAC

As the name suggests, Lightweight PDF is a free MAC compressor. After compressing the files, the quality of the files is well-maintained with the file size. The documents are 100 percent offline and are easy to keep private. It costs you a total of zero to take their service. Here are the steps to follow while using this tool.

  • Go to the Apple store and download the Lightweight PDF app.
  • After the download is done, drag and drop the PDF file that is to be compressed.

Lightweight pdf

  • After you have dropped the file, it will compress itself.

it will compress itself

PDF expert: Advanced tool to compress PDF size on mac

PDF expert claims to provide the most advanced features a PDF compressing tool can have. It is a third-party tool that can be downloaded on a MAC and offers various other functions. Moreover, it has also won the runner-up position in the “App of the year”  category by Apple. It is free to download from the Apple store but to explore all its features, it is premium based.

This is how you can compress PDF files in PDF Expert:

  • Download the PDF Expert app from the Apple store.
  • Click “File” > Reduce file size and choose your desirable file size

compressing pdf in pdf expert

  • Click on save.

Adobe Acrobat X or XI: User-friendly PDF size Compressor

We will discuss using “The Adobe Acrobat” PDF compressor tool for the second method. It is effortless to use; this tool can compress a PDF file of up to 2 GB. It is free and lets you reduce the file size without compromising quality. It also has an Adobe Acrobat Pro Version, allowing you to work across multiple devices. It also provides a 7-day free trial on its home page before purchasing it. 

Follow the steps below to reduce PDF file size online: 

  •  Open the PDF that you want to reduce the size of using Adobe Acrobat X or XI.
  •  Go to file, click on save as, and then click on the option of Reduced Size PDF and finish. 

Compressing PDF size using adobe

Smallpdf: Reduce Pdf File Size Mac without Losing Quality Online

Smallpdf is a third-party online tool that is very helpful in reducing PDF file size on mac without losing quality. It is fast and liable and is trusted by over 6000+ companies, including Facebook, Uni-liver, and Colombia University NY and across the globe. Even though it is Premium based, most of its features are free, including the PDF compressing tool. 

Follow the steps below to Compress PDF using SmallPDF

  • Visit Smallpdf
  •  Just drag and drop the pdf file you want to be shortened, or you can also select “ADD FILE.”
  •  Your file will be ready by now; click on the download file, and you are ready. 

smallpdf compress pdf file
Cisdem PDF Compressor: Reduce PDF File Size Mac without Losing Quality

The best choice for making your pdf size smaller on mac is the Cisdem PDF compressor. The app provides what it promises without a miss. It has four modes available as its features, such as small, large, medium, and custom, according to your purposes.

Batch compression of about a hundred PDF documents at once. It is the most developed compressor available for MAC. It is not free, but its features make it worth the cost.

Follow the step below on how to use Cisdem PDF Compressor: 

  •  Go to the Apple store. Download and Install the Cisdem PDF compressor app for mac.
  •  After opening the app, Place the pdf file which you want to reduce the size.

Placing pdf files

  •  When you are done, you will need to customize the settings provided according to your need. 
  • If you are using it in bulk, you must ensure the settings provided apply to all. If you are good to go, check on the “apply to all” box. 

customizing setting and applying it to PDFs

  •  The last step is to click on the compress, and you will be good to go. 

 To be more precise, here’s a youtube tutorial for the following.

Neuxpower: A Public Trusted PDF Compressor

Neuxpower is a PDF compressor tool that uses the same technology as Adobe Acrobat. The PDF file stays in the same format with the same .pdf file extension. It is 100% offline software after downloading it, is available at affordable prices, and is trusted by over 3 million+ users. 

If you decide to sign up for Neuxpower, here are the steps: 

  •  Download and Install Neuxpower on your mac from the Apple Store.
  •  Add the files in the app for compression.

Adding files for compression in Neuxpower

  •  Manually adjust the settings as per your requirement.

Manually adjusting text in neuxpower

  •  Click on optimize, and there you go. 

Hopefully, One of these methods helped you make a PDF file smaller on your mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a pdf file smaller on mac without losing quality?

Making a pdf file smaller on mac without losing quality can be done in several ways; the most traditional way would be using MAC’s built-in program Preview. Another great option is by using Adobe Acrobat. Moreover, the quality depends on the compressed file size, so keep that in mind.

Which pdf compressor is best for mac?

There are various options regarding PDF compressor which is best for MAC, Each has its pros and cons, But the easiest and cheapest to use would be Preview or Lightweight PDF.

What is the best Website to make a PDF smaller in size on mac? is the best website to make a PDF smaller in size on mac. Even though it is a third-party tool, it is well-trusted and delivers what it promises.

How can I make the pdf size smaller on mac?

Tools such as Preview, Adobe Acrobat, and Lightweight PDF can make PDF size smaller on mac.

Closure | Make a PDF File Smaller on MAC

Saving storage has been made more accessible, so we do not have to sacrifice our precious files by deleting or exporting them. It saves both money and time. And the best advice we can give is if you work with pdf frequently, Cisdem pdf compressor is the best choice you can get all over the internet. It saves you money and provides quality content without asking for too much effort and money, and the best part is that it’s effortless to use if you follow our steps above. 

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