Is YouTube Vanced Safe? | Know Before You Use

YouTube has been amongst the most widely used video streaming platforms worldwide for over a decade now. Developed by Google, it has managed to make space in people’s daily lives. Moreover, with the introduction to the vlogging culture and digital revolution all around the globe, the platform has seen a great boost recently. But YouTube has some shortcomings too, which has made its replica YouTube Vanced famous lately.

Is Youtube Vanced Safe

YouTube Vanced has gained popularity rapidly since its invention. But a significant question that arose in people’s minds amidst this rise was whether the app is safe to use. Thus we are here with the complete detail of how YouTube Vanced works and is YouTube Vanced safe or not.

Is YouTube Vanced Safe? | An Absolute Guide

Since many users have been raising questions about the safety of YouTube Vanced recently, it is crucial to know how the app works and how it deals with the data collected from millions of users worldwide. So let’s get started with the basics and understand what YouTube Vanced is first.

What is YouTube Vanced?

All of us are familiar with YouTube, no doubt. Rather it would have been a part of your daily routine to stream videos of your interest on the platform. But, the problem arose when YouTube started offering a premium version of itself. While the free version of YouTube contains only limited features and videos play with annoying ads interrupting in between, the premium feature, on the other hand, gives you complete control of the software. It has many additional features and enhances your experience overall.

YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced solves the hassle of purchasing a premium version of YouTube. As the app can be defined as the modded version of the official YouTube app, many features are included in it.

Following are the major features included in the YouTube Vanced app.

  • Advertisement free streaming experience
  • More themes are available
  • Let’s you play videos even when the screen is turned off
  • Allows watching videos in a small floating window
  • HDR mode enabled

Along with this, there are a lot of other minor features that YouTube Vanced provides. This software is much more than a premium version of the official YouTube software. Therefore, it has been a prime choice since people no longer have to pay to enjoy the premium version of YouTube.

But what about the data collected by the app? Since Google does not own the software, users are concerned about whether using it would risk their data. Worry not, for we have the answer.

How does YouTube Vanced Deal With the Data of Users?

Every website has its own policies to manage the data of the user. As YouTube Vanced was under many doubts about whether it handles the user’s data ethically, we have gathered detailed insight from the official website of YouTube Vanced.

To get started, here is the entire list of data collected by YouTube Vanced.

  • Technical Information: This includes the type of software you use, hardware version, location, IP address, device configuration, and much more. This is the general information collected by almost all apps and websites.

Technical Information

  • Usage Information: This includes the type of language you prefer, how you search for content, the web pages you visit, and much more.
  • Support Related Information: This type of information is only collected if you have ever contacted the support team of YouTube Vanced. In this case, the company might collect your basic information, including your name, email, and query.

Now, let us understand what the company does with this information, and after that, we may get a definite answer to ‘Is YouTube Vanced Safe?’

As stated by the company, this is how they use your information.

  • For Research Purposes: Firstly, the company claims to use your information for their research to enhance the user experience and update the software with better functionalities. Although, this data is deleted once the research process is completed.
  • To Detect Fraud Activities: Secondly, the company uses your data to ensure that no client is using their software illegally. This includes tracking the user’s IP, cookies, and URL to know if they are using the software accurately. The company also deletes this data within 3 months.

Detect Fraud Activities

  • Assess the Lifetime Value of a User: Next, the company stores some data about the user to know their lifetime value on the app. This includes how frequently they use the software, what they search most often, and other similar data. However, this data is also deleted from the company database within 24 months.
  • To Provide Better Customer Support: Vanced developers also collect some information about the user and their activity to provide them with a better and quick resolution to their queries. Although, this data is only collected when you contact customer support for any reason.

Provide Better Customer Support

  • To Settle Disputes: Being a service provider to a vast audience, there may be some disputes among the company and users. For this reason, the company collects some basic user information to deal with these disputes if any such condition arises.

This is all the information that YouTube Vanced collects. Since the information has been laid out on the company’s official website, it can be seen that the company retains no information about its users for an indefinite period. Therefore, YouTube is completely safe to use since now you know what is happening with the data.

Reasons Why YouTube Vanced is Safe | Is YouTube Vanced Safe?

Although you know where your data is going, you might still doubt the app’s safety. So here are the top reasons to let you know why the app is safe to use.


YouTube Vanced operates well within its boundaries. Moreover, it is dedicated to providing its users with a quality experience with additional features on YouTube. Therefore, it does not violate copyright law or any other regulation.

There is only one drawback to the YouTube Vanced app, and that is its name. This was the reason Google once launched a copyright claim on the company for using the same name as YouTube. Although, users of YouTube Vanced have nothing to worry about.

Therefore, you can be assured from your side that you did not do any illegal activity or violate any law. So, YouTube Vanced is safe for you to use.

No Bricking of Smartphones

People recently raised an issue that YouTube Vanced might be tricking people’s smartphones into enabling the premium feature of YouTube. But to your relief, all these claims are to be discarded immediately.

YouTube Vanced does not play with your smartphones in any manner. Neither does it mess up with the YouTube app. The developers of YouTube Vanced have developed it as a completely separate software that can be installed on your devices like any other normal app.

bricking of Smartphones

Indeed, there have been some issues with the app’s working recently, but this was a minor glitch in the software and had nothing to do with the official YouTube app or your smartphones.

User Satisfaction

YouTube Vanced completely satisfies all the user needs without violating any serious laws. The software offers a better version of YouTube with an upgraded set of features. Moreover, the app has been liked by almost all the users and therefore has no haters.

Therefore, it completely satisfies its audience and provides them with epic service and support to enjoy YouTube in different ways.

Why Is YouTube Vanced Not on Play Store or App Store?

A lot of questions arise regarding the fact that if YouTube Vanced is safe, why isn’t it listed on Many questions arise regarding the fact that if YouTube Vanced is safe, why isn’t it listed on the play store or App Store? State specifically, everything has its own bright and dark side. Therefore, although it is not illegal to use YouTube Vanced, it violates certain policies of Google, which has been the main reason why it is not listed on the play store or app store.

The following can be why YouTube Vanced is not listed on the play store or app store.

  • Firstly, although YouTube Vanced is an entirely separate application, it fetches data from the servers of YouTube without their permission. This can be the prime reason why Google has banned YouTube Vanced from the play store.
  • YouTube Vanced violates certain policies of Google and therefore has been restricted from the play store.

Therefore, YouTube Vanced to be available on the play store, but concerning the safety issues, Vanced surely does not mess with the user’s data but to avoid any issues, use secondary email accout.

The same reason goes for YouTube Vanced not being available on the app store. Considering the same policy violations, Apple has also banned the software from their official app downloading platform and recommends the public not to use it.

Is It Legal to Use YouTube Vanced? | Should You Use YouTube Vanced?

From the claims mentioned above and knowing how YouTube Vanced uses our data, we can confidently state that YouTube Vanced is safe to use. Talking about whether it is legal or illegal to use YouTube Vanced, there are certain aspects to know about it.

Firstly, as a user of the app, you will never violate the rules of any other organization. Even if YouTube Vanced is violating the policies of Google, it is the company’s concern to deal with the problem. As a user, you will never be questioned about the reason behind your app usage. Secondly, YouTube never officially claimed YouTube Vanced to be illegal, although it once sued the company for using the data of YouTube without the concern of Google.

youtube vanced

Even after reading the above facts and figures, if you are still trying to decide whether to use YouTube Vanced, the last decision is yours. Therefore, it is ultimately your choice whether to use the app or not. But if you choose to use it, you can be assured that your data is not being misused.

There has also been recent news that Google has officially sent a legal notice to the software developers to close it. After this, the official Twitter handle of YouTube Vanced also tweeted about the closing of the app soon. But, in this era of technology, it cannot be possible that YouTube Vanced will completely vanish from the internet. It will be available on some websites in the long run.

Although, CutCopyEdit do not support using any such application and leave the last to you whether to use it or not. We offer people with the facts about the software and does not support them otherwise.

Here’s a quick tip: To be safer, create an email specifically for this purpose. Even if your data is compromised, having a separate email will limit the amount of sensitive information that can be accessed.

FAQs | Is YouTube Vanced Safe?

Is Vanced APK Safe?

You should download the YouTube Vanced application from their official website only. Downloading it from the official website is absolutely safe, although other mod versions of it might be unsafe to use.

What will replace YouTube Vanced?

Since Google has officially sued YouTube Vanced, many other similar apps will replace it. Although, any specific app cannot be named for this matter as of now.

Which app is better than YouTube Vanced?

If you research well over the internet, you will find more than 50 alternatives for the software. Although, NewPipe is among the most popular software which is serving as an alternative for the YouTube Vanced app.


To conclude, you can be completely assured about the data usage policy of YouTube Vanced. Although, we as a website do not take guarantees about YouTube Vanced or any such software.

It is ultimately your decision whether to use it or not. If you are using it, this should be completed at your own risk. If you are not satisfied with the security concerns of the software, we recommend you refrain from using it to be satisfied that your data is safe and secure.

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