Is Filmora Safe? Everything You Need to Know!

The video creation industry has experienced massive growth in recent years. Especially during the pandemic era when everything went digital, the world experienced a tremendous rise in the number of creators who came up with their talent through video creation. Thus, there has been a massive demand for videos, and with this, there were introduced some highly professional video editing software that could deliver the best quality videos to the audience. One such software is Filmora. But is Filmora safe?

Is Filmora Safe?

Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve are some of the most famous softwares that deliver every feature needed to create a good video. Filmora is yet another similar software that has recently gone viral among video editors. While the software provides some of the best features for video editing and creation, there have been certain questions about the security software. Many people have raised a concern asking, ‘Is Filmora Safe?’ Let us find out whether Filmora is actually what it promises to be.

Is Filmora Safe? | Everything You Need to Know

Filmora is an excellent piece of technology that allows video editors to create awesome and quality videos in no time. However, the software has been under certain conspiracies for not being a secure tool to use. To bust this myth, we have certain reasons. Filmora is a software developed by Wondershare, and it comes in four different variations. Where the most basic version of Filmora is free to use, it gives users limited access to some features available in the paid version.

To avoid paying for the “Pro” software of Filmora, certain pirated copies are available for free. Thus, downloading such software can be dangerous for the security of your system. While the original software developed by Wondershare is absolutely safe to use, it is recommended to avoid downloading pirated or cracked software versions.

So now that you know whether Filmora is safe, let’s learn how to download and use this software.

Filmora Download

Step 1: Visit the official website of Wondershare at

Is Filmora Safe

Step 2: On the official website, you will find two buttons on the top right corner labeled “Download” and “Buy now”

Step 3: Click on the “Download” button

Is Filmora Safe

Step 4: Your downloading will start within a few seconds, and a .exe file will be downloaded

Step 5: Install the downloaded file. Your system will require a few seconds to install Filmora successfully.

Step 6: That’s it! Filmora is successfully installed on your system

Follow the steps above to install Filmora on your Windows or Mac OS successfully.

How to use Filmora?

While Filmora offers many exciting and unique features, here are some of the most common and useful features to know about.

  • Automatic Audio Synchronization: This is another interesting feature of Filmora which will automatically sync your imported audio with your video footage. This prevents the work of matching bars and syncs them manually, like in Adobe Premiere Pro or other software.
  • Instant Mode: The instant mode in Filmora allows you to create incredible videos within no time. You just have to import your media files and select a video template of your choice. Filmora will automatically create an exciting video for you.

Instant mode of Filmora

  • Motion Tracking: Want to keep a text or image moving along with an object in the video? The motion tracking feature of Filmora lets you track any object within your imported video and move any text or image along with it throughout the video.
  • Auto Reframe: This feature allows you to instantly resize your videos from landscape to portrait mode or vice versa. Thus, you can resize the video of almost any dimension with ease.

Along with these, there are many other amazing features that Filmora offers to provide a hassle-free and engaging video-creating experience for its users.

Is Filmora Free?

One of the most widely asked questions is whether the software is free to use.

To make things clear, this is what you need to know. Wondershare has launched a total of 4 versions of Filmora. They are:

  • Filmora
  • Filmora Pro
  • FilmoraGo
  • Filmora Scrn

Filmora, the most simple and basic software version, is free to use. However, the exported videos created with this version will include a watermark. To create a watermark-free video, you will need a Filmora Pro version. This version consists of a clean video without any watermarks.

The FilmoraGo version of the software is developed to be used in smartphones. While the installed app renders videos with a watermark, buying a pro version from the app will clear things up for you.

Similar is the scenario with the use of Filmora Scrn, a screen recording software. While the unpaid version has no restrictions other than watermark-included video production, subscribing to the pro version will render an immaculate video.

Filmora VS Other Video Editing Software: Which one to consider?

While there already have been many competitors in the market before the arrival of Filmora, it becomes a question of whether you should switch from existing software to a new one. We will clear this doubt ahead.

Since Filmora offers a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface for its users, you should consider getting your hands on this software if you are a beginner in video editing. Filmora can help you gain a creative approach while you just have to play and experiment with its exciting features.

Is Filmora Safe

But, it might be challenging to understand a completely new interface if you are already proficient in any other software like Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut, or DaVinci Resolve. So, it would be best to continue with the software you are comfortable with rather than experimenting with a new one. Although, at last, it is your call to decide whether you want to learn new software.

FAQs | Is Filmora Safe?

How long can we record with the Filmora Scrn free version?

Filmora offers 4 main versions of itself. Filmora 11, the latest version, is the most basic and simple software of Filmora. Other software includes Filmora Pro, FilmoraGo(for smartphone users), and Filmora Scrn for screen recording.

What are the different versions of Filmora?

Filmora offers 4 main versions of itself. Filmora 11, being the latest version, is the most basic and simple software of Filmora. Other software includes Filmora Pro, FilmoraGo(for smartphone users), and Filmora Scrn for screen recording.

Is Filmora better than Adobe Premiere Pro?

While both software is of great use in the industry, Filmora offers an easy user interface and interactive experience. Along with this, it can also perform any task that software like Premiere Pro can.


That was all you need to know about Filmora. After reading this blog, we hope you can decide if Filmora is safe to use.

It is recommended to download the software only from the official website and use the paid version if you need to, rather than installing a pirated version of the software for the sake of some pennies. While the free version offers everything you need to create incredible videos, you only need to pay if you need a watermark-free video for yourself.

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