Clear Clipboard MAC | 4 Easiest Methods

Clear Clipboard MAC

Have you ever wondered where the data you just copied is temporarily stored while you take your time to paste it somewhere? The temporary storage area for your data, while you copy it from one place to another, is called the clipboard. Today we will find out ways how to clear clipboard mac. Let’s get … Read more

Remove Dropbox From Mac (Quick How-to Guide)

How To Remove Dropbox From Mac

Currently, storing files on cloud platforms has become a necessity, and it is becoming the future of storage. We don’t just save files on these platforms because it helps keep a backup of the files on the internet but also helps free some storage on our devices. But lately, people want to remove dropbox from … Read more

7 Free Methods to Add Watermark to PDF Mac

Add Watermark to PDF Mac

As the name suggests, Portable Document Format (PDF) is a program file used to create & share documents. With such a high rate of piracy, sharing documents without a watermark is sure a stupid mistake.  I’ll be sharing easy-to-follow methods to add watermark to PDF on Mac free & easy methods. Let’s get started! Add … Read more