How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear? (10 Easy Methods)

Hanging out with loved ones and not taking pictures is impossible; your friends and family need photos to drop on Facebook or their social media. Often what happens is due to excitement, and when there is a lack of proper timing, we mess up the photos we take. It ends up blurry or with someone other issues that ruin the photographic memory of that particular moment that was so dear to us. Even though disappointment is legit to happen, there are some ways through which you can find out how to make a blurry picture clear.

How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear

Even though it sounds hard and impossible to change the picture clarity once it has been taken and the moment is gone. We can get the picture we wanted right from the beginning with the correct format and quality. Blurry pictures are indeed a pain but don’t worry. We do have the cure or multiple cures for your pain. Now, without wasting your time, let’s get into the list we have compiled for you of apps and methods to restore your picture from blurry to clear.

How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear? Here’s Your Guide

Even though blurry pictures are in trend now, it is more remarkable to have a clear picture too. Even when a blurry picture satisfies your aesthetically pleasing feed, and clear picture gives you the clarity of memory and everything that had happened at the moment. It is never wrong to follow the traditional route of clean and clear photos and to be more open clear pictures are always in trend. Just add some filters and effects. You will always have one up against blur when taking pictures.

Now, what exactly makes a picture blurry? It may be because of the use of a low-quality camera or any tiny mistake you could have made, such as not setting the focus properly or switching to some mode of your camera that you are not supposed to switch to.  It can also happen due to the tiniest and out-of-control mistakes you unknowingly made and messing up your result. Now let’s get into the list that will help you solve your issue of turning your blurred picture into a clear picture.

10 Best Methods How to Make a Blurry Picture Clear 

There will never be anything best in the forever-changing technology market; each tool we use has its pros, cons, and methodology to be kept in mind. It is tough to distinguish between the best and the better because of the overwhelming options we look around. It becomes tough to choose from but worry not; we have selected the best 10 methods and apps you can consider using to get your job done; even when the options are overwhelming, the best and better can be distinguished if thoroughly looked into.


An app to enhance photo clarity is called Snapseed. Most of my friends use this software to edit the photos they have on their smartphones. It includes 29 distinct editing capabilities. However, they are not always displayed on the screen, which is annoying. Although only a few tools are displayed, you may expand the tab and use all available tools. You may edit your photos using Snapseed’s advanced features, which include fixing skin imperfections, adjusting the tone curve, adding an HDR effect, etc. One of the best programs for fixing blurry pictures because of the sharpening feature. Adjust the sharpening effect according to your want and get your desired result.


The positive of this tool is that it is free to use and one of the best tools to remove blur through sharpening. The negative is that it is not compatible with the software most of the time and crashes a lot throughout the editing process. 

Enhance Photo Quality:

One of the fantastic programs for sharpening photographs is called Enhance Photo Quality. It is available via the Google Play Store. Along with sharpening, it offers tools for creating frames for photos, a range of filters, color tweaks, etc. It is pretty simple to use and only appropriate for minor tweaks. Use the sharpening tool carefully to avoid ruining the quality of your images when using this program. In its free edition, banner advertisements are also displayed. This program also responds to our first inquiry about how to clean up a fuzzy image.

enhance photo quality

The positive of this tool is that it is entirely free, and its functionality is easy to use. The negative, however, is that the quality gets compromised to some extent, and the ads are highly annoying to see. Use an ad blocker. 


Lumii is among the finest for fuzzy photographs, much as the applications previously stated. It offers picture editing using multiple filters, effects, and layers, much like other programs. An image may be edited more precisely and seamlessly if the layers are separated. It aids you in changing the tone curve of your image, much like professional tools do. This program, among the best at fixing blurry photos, is available on the Google Play Store.


The positive of this tool is that it has a fantastic sharpening tool that comes with more to it, such as significant effects, and you can edit out any picture you want to use. However, the con is that not much of it can be used when you use the free version of this application. It has way too many ads, and the pressure and constant persuasion to opt for the premium version get more irritating with time. So if you can pay for the premium features, it’s a great tool.


VSCO is well-known for the distinctive filters that its iOS users employ to produce high-quality shots. This program may help blurry photographs become clear and high-quality. You may also use its exceptional characteristics to make your most recent photos seem more dated; the opposite is true. It is intriguing that VSCO constantly changes its filters and film simulations, allowing its customers to achieve fresh results on their images. You may also utilize its sharpening function for clearing your hazy image.


The pros of this application are that the sharpening feature is available in its free mode. Concerning its original tool idea, it has terrific additional filters that you can use. The cons are files get blocked while the picture is processed in the VSCO gallery.


An intriguing photo-editing program is Lightroom. It is a powerful program you may use with your Google, Facebook, and Adobe accounts. Its ability to import photos and organize them into Albums is one of its unique features. It saves you time from repeatedly accessing and browsing through your gallery. The Masking Slider is this application’s outstanding and distinctive feature. You may pick and select which areas of the image will be sharpened. Masking is crucial for preventing the artificial looks that might result from over-sharpening and making your image appear strange. How to clean up a hazy photo is a question that this program immediately solves.


It is easy to use, and a beginner can get into it without issues. It doesn’t have a sufficiently wide variety of options that can be used, but if you are only in for unblurring your picture, it is worth the use.


PixlR is another software that helps iOS and Android users quickly correct fuzzy photos. Every new user can readily grasp what to do and how to perform it because of the design’s sequential layout. Although it is a free app, advertisements must be disabled. You must purchase the premium version of it. Users may also add text to photographs, draw on them, and utilize amusing effects to their photos. You may also apply frames for your social media postings on your images. The most crucial feature is the sharpening tool, which makes your hazy image appear crisp.


The positive aspects of this tool are that it gets the job done, perfectly unblurs the pictures, and makes them as straightforward as possible. The bad point is the lack of online storage that it provides to save your edited work.

Adobe Photoshop Express:

Read on if you’re wondering how to clean up a blurry photo. So you’re in the proper spot. Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the greatest mobile programs available for iOS and Android smartphones to make blurry photographs appear clear. It is also well-known under the moniker Mini Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Express may help you develop your photographs professionally even if it does not have all the functionality that Adobe Photoshop for Desktop provides. Because it is the greatest app for blurry photographs, we like it here. The best uses include photo editing, adding frames and themes, photo retouching, and noise reduction. Follow the methods listed below to unblur your pictures:

Adobe Photoshop Express:

  • Convert to Smart Object may be selected from the menu by clicking on the little button in Photoshop’s Layers window’s upper right corner. A little icon should appear in the bottom right corner when a layer is transformed into a Smart Object.
  • Choose Filter from the menu bar above, Sharpen from the dropdown menu, and Smart Sharpen with the appropriate layer selected.
  • The dialog box should be resized.
  • Select the “Lens Blur” option.
  • Select your desired options regarding size and shape.
  • Press Okay. You are good to go. 

The positive effects of this tool are you can use it on your mobile or desktop, and it is easy to use with a few tutorials that you can get from their help center. The con of this tool is that it doesn’t offer many better options unless you have opted for the premium option. 


Another tool related to Adobe, a well-known brand in the graphics sector. Although Adobe has its best desktop apps, it has also released the Adobe Lightroom CC app for fuzzy photographs to make things easier for its consumers. Compared to Adobe’s desktop programs, Adobe Lightroom CC is less prevalent. However, it is simple to access from mobile phones so it may be utilized for quicker editing. The fact that you may use Adobe Lightroom CC with the same account if you have an Adobe Desktop subscription is a crucial aspect of utilizing Adobe Lightroom CC. Since both parties have access to the Cloud storage, data may also be exchanged.

The positive side of this tool is that it gets your job done with minimal effort. The negative side the premium is expensive, and most of the features are premium oriented.


The AI image unblurring tool from Fotor will automatically adjust your photo’s color, brightness, saturation, and contrast color, brightness, saturation, and contrast of your photo to make it appear more vibrant and sharp. Your photo may be easily restored to its former splendor and clarity.


It does compromise the quality of the picture, but it still gets your work done without any unwanted residue. 


You may unblur a picture in your browser. To improve any pixelated, blurry, damaged, or out-of-focus images, use PicWish potent deblurring tool. Step up your photography game.  It has just three simple steps

  • Upload the picture in the box.
  • Click “Unblur” and wait.
  • You are done.


It is easy to use, and the functionality of this tool remains supreme; the quality also doesn’t get compromised as much. This is one of the best options that remain out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you make a blurry picture clear?

There are several third-party apps and tools to make a blurry picture clear. The blurry picture is usually taken into edit mode and sharpened to a desired point. That’s how AI usually gets rid of the blurry effect in a picture. Please refer to the article above to discover more tools on how to make a blurry picture clear.

How to make the blurry pictures clear in photoshop?

The best way to make blurry pictures clear in photoshop is by using tools such as Adobe and Adobe CC. Please refer to the article above to learn how to remove blur from a picture through Photoshop.


Making picture-perfect memories are as important as making memories in your head. Please let us know if we missed anything, and we will add it to our next updated article. 

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