Glossy VS Lustre Costco | Ideal For Your Pictures?

It may be challenging to navigate the multitude of alternatives when entering the world of picture printing, whether as a hobbyist or as someone who wants to hang up some lovely family photographs. Glossy and lustrous are two of the most popular options for picture paper finishes. But what’s the difference, and which of the two is better when making a decision?

Glossy coatings usually cause people to disagree. Because of this, it’s often a good idea to think about the differences between glossy and lustrous. So let’s lay down all the pros and cons we can about Glossy and Lustre Costco and finalize a verdict on Glossy VS Lustre Costco.

Glossy VS Lustre Costco

Glossy VS Lustre Costco | What Will Be Best For Your Pictures?

Why are so many different types of paper available in the first place? Contrary to popular belief, printing does not just involve selecting your photo file and pressing the print button. You see, the kind of paper you choose to print on significantly impacts how the image turns out. 

Paper may affect a photograph in different ways, which can affect how it is seen and felt. For this reason, choosing the proper paper for a particular image has been practiced by photographers for a long time. Varied papers have different textures and sheen levels, which can change how a picture looks. Different surfaces express the pictures uniquely, while different materials and finishes absorb ink differently. 

For instance, glossy papers might make colors appear excessively bright, while matte papers can make them seem a little bit duller (we have a nifty article on matte vs. glossy to help you with this too). The type of image you are publishing will determine everything.

If you want to produce several large, expensive prints, remember that different photo laboratories may employ different terminology and printing processes. As a result, it may be worthwhile to test each photo lab by ordering a few tiny prints before making a larger order.

Glossy VS Lustre Costco | The Differences 

People pick lustrous or glossy paper when having photos printed. They could be unsure about which option to select. Therefore, it is always preferable to consider the distinctions between lustrous and shiny.

Glossy prints are photographs printed on matte paper with an extra shine coating. Contrarily, Lustre paper has a semi-gloss surface with minimal light reflection. Instead of having a glossy finish, it has a matte one. Now let’s individually study their characteristics, pros, and cons, then compare them all together and find out the best option from Glossy VS Lustre Costco.

Glossy: Characteristics, Pros, and Cons

Glossy is arguably one of the most well-liked print finishes, which means shine! Well, at least in terms of photos. You have probably seen glossy paper a thousand times in your lifetime, whether in the form of family pictures in an album or the typical print at Costco.

Smooth as glass, glossy is. Although glossy has the most saturation, it is also fragile. Glossy paper has the most intricate details. Moreover, the glossy paper makes the colors appear more vivid. Glossy paper’s disadvantage is that it is prone to smudges and spills. The smudge will be visible if you contact the glossy paper with filthy fingertips.

Glossy Costco

Glossy papers highlight the remarkable vividness of colors, creating pretty, eye-catching pieces. Glossy materials also capture image contrast effectively. The clarity of the whites and the intensity of the blacks are seen. Because the paper is smooth, the texture doesn’t bleed part of the sharpness away, allowing for capturing the details with clarity and boldness.

Glossy prints perform better when enclosed in a glass frame so fingers cannot touch them. Glossy print locations must be hung carefully due to their shiny qualities to prevent light from bouncing off and detracting from the printed image.

The major advantage of this type of sheet is: 

  • The paper is certainly a show-stopper, thanks to the sheen.
  • Details are sharply printed on the smooth finish.
  • Glossy prints naturally capture colors well and are incredibly bright.
  • Glossy prints also do an excellent job of displaying contrast; the blacks are deep, and the highlights are sharp.


The significant disadvantages of this type of sheet are: 

  • They are fingerprint magnets, and glossy prints show every mark made.
  • Glossy prints must be framed to avoid them being covered with smudges and fingerprints.
  • The reflecting aspect of the material makes it difficult to discern prints placed incorrectly.

Lustre Costco: The Characteristics, Pros, and Cons

Now let’s speak about lustre paper, which has a texture similar to that of microscopic air bubbles. Lustre paper does not become filthy as easily as glossy paper does. Glossy paper is not as easily contaminated by soiled hands, hence photographers choose lustre paper for their photographs. When printed on lustre paper, the colors do not stand out as much.

Although lustre paper has a shine, glossy paper is even more glossy. Lustre is not as muted as matte but has a somewhat lower contrast look. Lustre is a result of the union of these two extreme paper kinds.

Despite this, lustre won’t have the same color vibrancy as glossy or the same clarity in the image’s details due to the texture of lustre (no matter how little those “bubbles” are). However, lustre’s more subdued approach may be a lovely addition to photographs that are more emotive or don’t require a lot of punch (where too colorful outputs might detract from the photograph’s beauty). Lustre is best described as luminous.

Now, lustre frequently wins out over glossy lustre is considerably more difficult to become filthy. Fingerprints cannot be left on lustre. The paper isn’t completely flat but still has a slight sheen.

Lustre Costco

Here are some major positive sides of using Lustre Costco:

  • It possesses a matte texture and a sparkly shine in one (although as a bit of jack-of-all-trades, it does not have an extreme of either).
  • Less likely to reveal fingerprints or smudges.
  • Since lustre isn’t sufficiently reflective to let shine detract from the image, you may hang it almost anyplace.
  • The modest color display is ideal for photos that don’t require excessive amplification.

Here are some major drawbacks of using Lustre Costco:

  • Neither as colorful nor as melancholy as glossy or matte, respectively.
  • The details aren’t reproduced as cleanly and clearly as they would be in a glossy print because of the added texture.

Glossy VS Lustre Costco: The Verdict

Glossy and lustre prints differ primarily in reflectivity, with glossy prints being extremely shiny and lustre prints being semi-shiny. Even though this enhanced shine appears appealing at first glance, it can conceal texture and obfuscate fine detail. Most professionals choose lustrous prints over glossy ones or something similar for their large prints, saving glossy for less demanding applications like exhibiting photographs.

Here’s a Mini table for you to understand the difference better: 

  Shine Highly Shiny   Quite Dull
  Color Vibrancy Not Great   Great
  Texture and Details Good   Bad
  Used under Glass?  No   Yes
  Best used for?   Snapshots and Photo albums   Portraits and Weddings and  Pro Prints

So basically, the primary purpose is to understand that both of them deliver what they promise, and both are the best of two different worlds, so there is no point in comparing them. Now let’s look at where one should use Lustre Costco and Glossy!

The same is true for images that primarily rely on sharpness, details, and fine qualities; these images also perform well with glossy prints since the glossy paper finish can capture all of these crucial components. Glossy prints work nicely with images whose colors must stand out since vibrancy is crucial. Pets, kids, and beautiful landscapes all print beautifully on glossy. Additionally, the glossy sheen is a common choice among wedding photographers since it may occasionally make images appear more lifelike.

Now, lustre is the ideal printing choice if you’re making a picture that will be touched regularly. You’ve got a winner with its resistance to smudges, scratches, fingerprints, and other problems that beset glossy sheets. Regarding lustre, as this paper is bright and possesses both glossy and matte qualities, it often works best for photos that require some softness. This finish works particularly well with nostalgic, romantic photos or more artistic ones. For portraits, photographers frequently like lustre!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between Glossy VS Lustre Costco?

The main difference between Glossy and Lustre Costco remains in the material’s quality and visual appeal. One is highly shiny, and the other is comparatively dull; on the other hand, when one can be easily destroyed with a touch of fingers, the other remains unaffected. Please read the article above to know the difference and the better one.

Is Lustre Costco better than Glossy?

Before asking this question, we need to note that characteristics alone don’t define good or bad. Lustre Costco has its own time to shine, and so does Glossy. The answer to this dilemma is that it entirely depends on your needs. Please read the article above to know more about where to use Lustre Costco or Glossy. 


Consider all the variables before choosing between the glossy and lustrous prints from CostCo, with your need being the most crucial factor. Please let us know if we couldn’t mention anything vital so we can update the article to make it more helpful.

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