Does Google Drive Compress Photos? (Answered)

We all use Google drive for backing up our pictures; once the storage is full we have no choice but to upload them all into Google drive storage which is linked to our Google address, and sometimes even when we don’t have a storage issue we still opt for using Google drive for privacy and security reasons. But what happens when we store our pictures in the drive? Does it remain the same as it was uploaded into it? Or does Google drive compress photos? 

Does Google Drive Compress Photos?

In this article, we will talk about how, why, and everything you would need to know about the question does Google drive compress photos?

Does Google Drive Compress Photos? | Here’s Your Answer

So what exactly is Google drive and how does it work? To put everything in simple terms, Google Drive is a cloud service where you store an infinite number of documents and photos without any loss of space in the user’s device. Users can save and access files online with Google Drive, a free cloud storage service. The service syncs all of the user’s devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and PCs, with saved papers, images, and other content.

The web app is how most users access Google Drive. Users without Wi-Fi can still view and modify documents with the Google Docs offline Chrome extension. Users of “save to Google Drive,” a different Chrome extension, can utilize their browser or a context menu to save site content to their Google Drive. Users can directly save documents and images, but they must screenshot websites in order to preserve them.

The transport layer security (TLS) standard is used to encrypt Google Drive data before it leaves a user’s device and is uploaded to Google’s cloud. When the data reaches Google, it is decrypted and then re-encrypted using the 128-bit advanced encryption standard (AES). Another degree of security is added by encrypting those AES encryption keys. Although it offers two-factor authentication, Google Drive does not adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Why, How, and Everything 

Now that we know what exactly Google Drive is and how secure and beneficial it is for us to use it.  Now let’s find out whether if really does compress photos or not. 

Google is only a cloud-based service for storing files, Google Drive allows you to upload certain sizable photographs in their original state. If you are viewing the photographs from a web browser, it might only provide a scaled preview. Simply put, There is no way in which photos are compressed in Google Drive. 

Let’s get it explained to you in simple terms, Google Drive’s sole purpose is to provide the customer(You) with a space that is linked with your Gmail account to store your Files like pictures. So it has no other function other than being a large store room where you can upload your files and it would keep it saved in the same quality that it was uploaded in. 

If you care about your photo quality, do not use Google Photos in the free mode. from photography

The only time you notice a change is when you open the drive through the web, it may appear stretched or smaller in accordance to the size and width of your PC or Mobile Phone.

Why is the Photo not compressed in Google drive? 

This may occur to you how can Google provide such a large storage space without compressing our files in the drive?  Well like any other, Google Drive does have a set limit to which data can be uploaded to the cloud. It has a limit of 15GB, Which basically means you can upload files worth 15GB into your Google drive and if you really enjoy using Google Drive but want more storage we suggest you invest in Google’s One Plan. It can provide you with many services and better quality and quantity of services that you want to avail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google drive compress photos?

Google is a cloud-based storage facility for files, however, Google Drive enables you to upload some large, unaltered photos. Only a scaled preview may be available if you are viewing the photos from a web browser. To put it simply, images uploaded to Google Drive are not compressed.

Does Google drive reduce the photo quality? 

The most straightforward answer to this question is no, But when we dig a little deeper and understand about the space limit of Google drive Videos and photos are saved with a little lower quality. Storage saver counts the pictures and videos you’ve backed up as part of your Google Account storage. To conserve space, photos are compressed. A photo will be downsized to 16 MP if it is greater than that.

Do Google photos and drive function the same way? 

No, Google photos and Google drive DO NOT function the same way. Google photos is the tool used to take and save pictures on a device but Google drive is used as a cloud service to upload photos to the server. It helps with storage. But in terms of compression, Google photos does help in compression till some way around. 


You should be aware of whether Google Drive compresses images before uploading them to Google Drive or Google Photos. Of course, you can choose the default option to minimize the size of the image, such as the Express Google Photos compression. One of the best options for compressing the needed photographs for Google Photos is Free Online Image Compress.

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