Davinci Resolve Not Opening | Here’s How to Fix It

After a long day of filming, you are ready to edit the unwanted takes out of the film, bring the masterpiece you envisioned to life, and present the most aesthetically pleasing piece of film. You know what to use and how to use it; you understand that the best choice would be using DaVinci Resolve, and with the 18, it’s all sorted, and you have never been more sure of anything in your life. Then the twist of the day arrives: DaVinci Resolve is not opening, and all you want to do is throw your whole life away. It’s okay! We all feel that way; trust us, we all have been there while it happened to us.

DaVinci Resolve Not Opening

With more and more tech gurus on the spike and everyone trying to provide the best solution to a problem, we didn’t hesitate either. Today we will list all the methods, causes, and fixes that could help you get your dream project ready with proper editing and effects. These are the best methods that could be used if you have the issue of DaVinci Resolve not opening. 

DaVinci Resolve Not Opening | All You Need To Know

DaVinci Resolve is one of the most loved editing tools out there. The company claims it to be the only tool that combines Color grading, Color Correction, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, Audio Post Production, and Editing. It is well-loved and wanted by its customers and has never left room for disappointment for most of its users. It works on all the major setup software such as Microsoft, macOS, and Linux, and the best part of this tool is that it is free to use and provides so many high-end powerful features. 

DaVinci Resolve has been crashing or not opening for several customers for the past few months. And some other users report that the software crashes when they attempt to edit their movies after starting the program. There’s no need to panic; there could be several causes for this annoying issue.

It is not easy to find out your issue and solve it immediately because many users don’t have profound knowledge of fixing software. Many users have shared their solutions for the Davinci Resolve not opening or crashing issues on the forum. Below is a list of some tried-and-true remedies that you can attempt one at a time.

DaVinci Resolve Not Opening | Possible Causes and Fixes

Solving an issue related to a topic you are not the most knowledgeable about can be hard. But worry not. We are here to make sure to list down all the possible issues you can face, and along with that, here’s the list of all the potential fixes you can make to get your work done as soon as possible. Without any further delay, let’s get into all the causes and fixes that can have occurred in your case.

Uninstall and Reinstall:

The most traditional way of solving a problem has been uninstalling and reinstalling the program later. In the case of DaVinci, this might work for you. Follow the step below to apply this method in solving your issue, aka how to uninstall:

  • Open “Control Panel” and select “Programs and Features.”
  • When you right-click “DaVinci Resolve,” select “Uninstall.”

After you have uninstalled the program go ahead and reinstall it. The previous step ought to have successfully removed Resolve from your computer. Issues could arise when the uninstallation leaves behind a small number of folders and files.

DaVinci Resolve

Remove Resolve’s Leftover Folders After Uninstalling

  • .Go to “C: Program Files” and “Blackmagic Design.” It ought to be bare. If not, delete the directories (often, you must delete the folder titled “DaVinci Resolve”).
  •  Go to “C: ProgramDataBlackmagic Design” and remove the “DaVinci Resolve” folder.
  •  Delete the “DaVinci Resolve” folder by going to “C: Usersusername> AppDataRoamingBlackmagic Design.”\

You should now successfully delete Resolve from your computer. DaVinci Resolve should be installed on your system drive, usually “C:” Install only on the system drive. Do not use any other drives. If you already have an installation on another disc, remove it and perform a fresh install on your system drive.

By Updating Graphics Driver: 

If you have an AMD or Nvidia GPU, update the needed GPU driver. Your current graphics driver may not support the software, so please ensure that you are up to date with using your graphic driver. It will work out fine. 

Disable the integrated graphics driver by default

One of the essential specifications for Resolve is a discrete GPU. Resolve may occasionally have trouble identifying your discrete GPU. If this is the case, Resolve should successfully open the following time you launch it by utilizing your GPU.

Follow the steps below to fix this issue:

  • Navigate to the “Control Panel” and select “Device Manager.”
  • Then select “Display Adapters.”

display adapter

  • Disable the driver by selecting “right click” on your integrated graphics—in this case, AMD Radeon(TM) graphics.
  • Resolve will be forced to use your GPU (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti).

Ending Process with Task Manager:

The easiest and primary method to deal with Resolve never opening and keeping you stuck on one screen is to end the task using Task Manager. Follow the procedures below to proceed with this fix:

  • Activate Task Manager.
  • Select the “Details” tab.
  • Search for “Resolve.exe.”
  • Click “End Task” with the right mouse button.
  • Resolve can now be launched and opened.

Run the Program Compatibility Checker

Resolve, and Windows could occasionally have compatibility problems. If you are a windows user, dont worry. We have the fix for you. Please follow the step below to fix this issue:

  • Navigate to “C: Program FilesBlackmagic DesignDaVinci Resolve,” where Resolve is installed on your computer.
  • Right-click on “Resolve.exe” after finding it. (Remember: look for the original.exe file rather than the “DaVinci Resolve” shortcut.)
  • Select the “Compatibility” tab.
  • “Run compatibility troubleshooter” should be clicked.
  • Select “Try recommended settings” from the list of troubleshooting options.
  • To test the software, select it in the following box.
  • Windows will attempt to start the program.
  • Click “Next” and “Yes, preserve these settings for the software” if Resolve launches correctly.
  • The following window will say, “Troubleshooting has finished.” After that, select “Close the troubleshooter.”
  • Windows will remember the settings and successfully start to Resolve the next time you launch it.

Utilize the “Reliability Monitor” tool in Windows to debug

Application failures, Windows problems, and other vital events are recorded and tracked by the “Reliability Monitor.” In essence, it shows a timeline of occurrences that includes the “Source” and “Summary” as well as the date.

Using “Reliability Monitor,” you can see what happened to your computer at a specific time if Resolve launched flawlessly in the past but now refuses to start for whatever reason.

Follow the steps below to Use a Reliability mMonitorClick on Windows Start

  •  , type “Reliability,” 
  •  then click “Reliability Monitor” to activate it
  •  “View Reliability History” should be clicked.

reliability history

Launch Resolve after removing any USB accessories

Remove any additional USB or Bluetooth peripheral devices, such as a printer or wireless headphones, while leaving the regular wired USB mouse and keyboard connected, and then run Resolve. 

Launch Resolve once each peripheral device has been connected. You may focus on the one piece of equipment that might be problematic.

Remove third-party software

Before launching Resolve, try to delete any recent anti-virus (or anti-malware) software. It is sometimes known for anti-virus software to interfere with Resolve’s startup.

Launch Resolve and then disable your VPN

If you have a VPN like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc., Please follow the step below to remove or disable VPN from your device.

  •  Go to “Task Manager” 
  •  “End Task” it.

Delete the OFX plugins

OFX plugins like FilmConvert, RedGiant, iZotope, etc., are frequently installed by users.

They are known to obstruct Resolve startup occasionally. Follow the step below to get rid of these systems and fix your crashing and not opening: 

  • Go to “/Library/OFX/Plugins/FilmConvertPro2.0.ofx.bundle” in MacOS X or “C: Program FilesCommon FilesOFXPluginsFilmConvertPro2.0.ofx.bundle” in Windows.

delete plugins

  • Get rid of the folder.
  • Launch Resolve next.
  • Apply the same principle to additional OFX plugins. (The idea is to delete all the plugins and then reinstall them one at a time to determine which causes problems.)

Disabling Firewall temporarily

  • Offset the internet.
  • Go to “Windows Start -> Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Security -> Firewall and Network Connection” to temporarily disable the Firewall.

disable firewall

  • Cut the networks off.
  • Try now to start Resolve.
  • You might need to add an exception if Resolve launches successfully.

Using Windows PowerShell to Access TCP Network Ports

Resolve might not begin successfully if something on the machine interferes with network ports. Follow the steps below to fix this issue:

  • Type “Windows PowerShell” after clicking “Start.”
  • “Windows PowerShell” is selected by clicking. Enter the key as you type.
  • Nothing ought to be returned.
  • After pressing enter, if you see any entry, Resolve may not be able to reach that TCP port.

If this applies to you, you must post your logs and. info files in the Blackmagic Forum (which will be covered below) so that the support staff for the Blackmagic Design team can provide you with advice.

Contact The BlackMagic Support care:

If you have tried all these methods and nothing worked out for you, the best thing to do as a final resort is to contact the Blackmagic support care and let them know about the issue you are facing. You can contact them through their website.

Frequently Asked Questions | DaVinci Resolve Not Opening 

Why is Davinci Resolve not working with Nvidia drivers?

The main reason Davinci Resolve doesn’t work with Nvidia drivers is graphic driver incompatibility. Please make sure to keep your graphic drive updated while using Davinci Resolve.

Why is Davinci Resolve not working with Windows 10?

It is safe to say that DaVinci Resolve and windows 10 are incompatible. It is basically due to its respective programming and system working. Please read the report above to learn about fixing this issue. 


Davinci Resolve is indeed one of the multitasking and free-to-use editing tools. But it does come with its share of difficulties; we have tried our best to compile all the methods and fixes for issues you could fix. Let us know down below if we missed something. 

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