Clear Clipboard MAC | 4 Easiest Methods

Have you ever wondered where the data you just copied is temporarily stored while you take your time to paste it somewhere? The temporary storage area for your data, while you copy it from one place to another, is called the clipboard. Today we will find out ways how to clear clipboard mac. Let’s get started. 

Clear Clipboard MAC

A mac clipboard is only capable of holding one copied item at once. It means that when you copy something on mac, the copied article previous to it would be lost, and the newest copied item can only be found on mac clipboard history. 

Clear Clipboard MAC | 4 Methods To Go

A clipboard is a tool that is present, has no functional user interface, and runs totally in the background of your MacBook. We know by now that the curiosity must have caught the cat, and you would be questioning where we find the clipboard and see our history. 

How to access the clipboard on mac?

Follow the steps below to find the Clipboard Location on your mac: 

  • Open and Activate Finder.
  • Click on Edit in the menu. 
  • Then proceed to click on Show Clipboard on the menu bar.

where is clipboard

After you are done following these steps, you will be able to find your primary clipboard. The other fact is there is a secondary clipboard present on mac. It is generally used for editing content as it doesn’t provide a copy option but gives a cut-and-option. 

But is it necessary to clear the clipboard on mac? It is a great thing to do, i.e., to clear clipboard mac. As a clipboard is a storage tool, its content takes up space on your mac’s RAM. So clearing the data will clear your space and also helps in clearing out personal data that you want no one to have access to in any way.  

The Easiest Way | Data Replacement: 

This is the easiest way you can clear your clipboard. Follow the steps given below carefully: 

  • Open a Text Document. It can be anything, just double-click and open it.

word in text clipboard

  • Type a random word, just like shown in the example above. 
  • Select the word using your mouse.
  • Press “Command” and “C” on your keyboard your MAC. 

command c in mac

Now you are done; you have successfully cleared the personal data you stored on your Clipboard. To test whether this has worked, try pressing “Control” and “V.” You will find that the word you typed in the Text Document would have replaced your data. 

The Traditional Method | Terminal: 

Using the Terminal to clear the clipboard is the most traditional method. It has to be done in a few steps. Let’s get into it : 

  • Click any random space on the desktop
  • After this, you can access the Finder Menu on mac.
  • Click on GO and then click on the “Utilities” menu inside the application folder.

open utilities on mac

  • After clicking, you can find a “ Terminal Icon” on the screen.

terminal app

  • Click on the Terminal Icon, and the terminal window will open now.
  • Type pbcopy</dev/null and press the enter key.

clear clipboard on mac usin terminal

With that, your clipboard history is cleared. You can check the clipboard to make sure it works, but trust us; you have our word.

Simplest Method | Restart your MAC: 

If both of these methods are too complicated for you, fret not, we have a very noob method that you can use. It is the simplest way out there. 

  • Open Finder and click on the Apple logo on the furthest left.

mac restart

  • You should be able to see a “Restart” just like the photo above.
  • Let mac restart itself.
  • Now all you have to do is go to the apple icon and choose the “Log Out” option.
  • And then log back in like you usually do.

By now, your clipboard history would be gone, all cleared. Just check the clipboard window once you make yourself sure. 

Honorable Mention: The VBA code Method.

Another method rarely discussed in public forums is the VBA code method. It is sort of complicated to understand, and it is not at all recommended to be done. Here’s the link if you still want to learn more about it.

Please note that this method is bare to never used, nor is it confirmed to work, but hopefully, the link above will get you in the right direction or can lead you to discover a new method.

Frequently Asked Questions | Clear Clipboard Mac

Now let’s answer some critical questions related to the topic we discussed earlier, which often arise in the mind of people.

How to clear clipboard on mac using VBA code? 

Using the VBA Code method can get complicated, and there hasn’t been any solid example of how this procedure works. We suggest you follow the practices mentioned earlier to finish clearing your clipboard as efficiently as possible.

Can you clear Clipboard data on mac? 

Yes, you can always clear your clipboard data on mac. It will help you in making up some new space in the storage. Please refer to the steps mentioned above to clear the clipboard on mac. 

clipboard on mac

Can we use Terminal to clear clipboard mac? 

Yes, Terminal is the most traditional method that can be used to clear clipboard on mac. It is easy to use. Kindly refer to the second method to get a clear idea of the method of using Terminal.

Where can I find clipboard history on mac? 

The clipboard history on mac can be found after you activate “Finder” and click on the “File” Menu. You can refer to the first subheading for a more detailed explanation to find the clipboard history on your MAC. 

Closure | Clear Clipboard MAC

To clear Clipboard mac is one of the simplest and easiest tasks that can be done. Clearing Clipboard is necessary to protect our data from others and save up a little more space in storage. Hopefully, through this, you could get some insights that help you protect your freedom. If you have more insights, please feel free to comment down below. 

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