Capcut VS VN | Which One’s Better?

There are a lot of amazing and easy-to-use video editing apps available on the play store and app store. While these apps are constantly competing against each other, Capcut and VN video editors have managed to be at the top of the scorecard. But when it comes to Capcut VS VN, which one should you choose among these two?

CapCut VS VN

After thorough research on both the contenders of this race, we are here to compare the Capcut and VN video editor apps to help you decide which will suit your needs best. While both these apps have an excellent interface and all the powerful tools to edit your videos amazingly, some major differences between the two will decide which one’s the best.

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Capcut VS VN | All Features Compared

Both Capcut and VN video editors have an extremely simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to edit videos very easily and with excellent outcomes. But if both apps are equally good, then what sets them apart? At first sight, there might not be any significant difference between the two software, but they differ a lot when looked closely.

These differences are in the prices, availability, free trials, and many other aspects of the app.

Best for Beginners

Capcut Video Editor

If you are a beginner to video editing and are unaware of the basics of it, then Capcut video editor will be a fine choice for you. This is because the app has a straightforward interface, whereas it offers easy-to-use tools. Along with this, most of the editing is done by the app itself, while the user just needs to select their preferences.

VN Video Editor

Talking about the VN video editor, this software is slightly more advanced than Capcut. With regard to the interface, there are more complex tools and features in the software which beginner-level editors might not understand. However, there are other advanced features that this software offers, which we will be discussing ahead.

VN Video Editor

Editing High-Quality Videos

Capcut Video Editor

From the feedback of users, we found that although Capcut has a clean and simple interface, it was not able to handle high-quality videos. When rendering high-quality videos in Capcut, during the final output, it would reduce the quality of the videos. This is something that professional video editors do not like. Thus, the app did not prove itself in terms of handling heavy videos.

Capcut Video Editor

VN Video Editor

Contrary to the Capcut video editor, the VN video editor proved its worth in handling heavy videos. The software renders videos of exactly the same quality without any compromise. Moreover, it was also able to handle high-quality videos as large as 4K quality. So, in handling high-quality videos, the app takes over Capcut quickly.

Variety of Filters Available

Capcut Video Editor

The Capcut app takes over the VN video editor with the variety of filters it provides. This helps beginners to choose among a vast range of filters they want to apply to their videos. Capcut will offer filters for every mood, including bright, dull, shiny, nightscapes, and many more.

Capcut Video Editor filters

VN Video Editor

The VN editor also has many good and useful filters, but it lacks behind when compared to the Capcut app. The filters offered by the VN editor are limited and might not be helpful for beginners. But if you are an advanced video editor and have a good sense of editing, then you can definitely make the best use of these filters.

VN Video editor filters

Editing Slow-Mo Videos & Animation Effects

Capcut Video Editor

Capcut once again proves to be a better choice for editing amazing slow-motion videos. In addition to this, the software also has a lot of unique animation effects that you can apply to videos to make them funny and attractive. Capcut specializes in offering features that will create great slow-motion videos. It has almost all the features a good app should have to ease the work of editors.

Capcut Video Editor slow mo

VN Video Editor

The VN video editor also offers features to edit slow-motion videos. But the app lacks many animation effects that are needed to create a smooth video. Thus, if you want to use animation effects, the VN video editor might not meet your expectations.

Which App’s Free Version Legit?

Capcut Video Editor

Both Capcut and VN video editor offer a free version of themselves where only a limited number of features are unlocked. While in the paid version, all the other advanced features are provided to the user. The free version of the Capcut video editor is not worth the quality of videos you might want to see. It is only after paying for the premium package that Capcut lets you create aesthetic quality videos.


VN Video Editor 

The free version of the VN video editor provides a lot of features. There are only a few features that remain locked in the software. This allows you to edit your videos to the fullest and enjoy every feature of the software needed. The premium pack is only necessary when editing a professional video; otherwise, the VN video editor’s free version is sufficient to fulfill all the needs for rendering a good video.


Customer Reviews & Ratings

Capcut Video Editor

The Capcut video editor is a very popular video editing software among the audience. While the app is available on all platforms, including Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android, it has a fantastic rating of 4.4 stars from more than 6 million users worldwide. The app has a total of 500+ million downloads, which shows its popularity among the audience.

CapCut Review

VN Video Editor

The VN video editor is a slightly less popular one when compared to the Capcut video editor. Although, it has a huge number of downloads compared to any other app. The VN video editor has an absolute rating of 4.6 stars from more than 2 million worldwide users. Along with this, the software has more than 100 million downloads running on all platforms worldwide.

Which one to consider? | Capcut VS VN

While both video editing software are the leaders in their niche, it is hard to declare an app unworthy. But there are certain aspects based on which it can be decided which software is the best one.

So, if you are a beginner in video editing and know nothing about it, the Capcut video editor will be perfect. This is because the Capcut video editor has a straightforward, easy-to-use, and user-friendly interface. Moreover, there are no complex features to confuse you as a beginner. The app offers everything needed to create a simple yet attractive video. Thus, it proves to be the best choice for beginners in every aspect.

On the other hand, if you have some experience in video editing, know about its basics, and know how to use different tools accurately, the VN video editor is a good choice for you. The VN video editor is slightly more advanced as compared to the Capcut video editor. Thus, it is best for experienced video editing professionals. A beginner dealing with a VN video editor might need help understanding the use of certain complex tools available on the software.

FAQs | Capcut VS VN

Which video editors are better than CapCut?

There are many exciting video editors available other than Capcut. These include Luma Fusion, Write-on Video, Video Pad, Cyberlink PowerDirector, and many others.

Can we edit reels in Capcut?

Yes, the Capcut app allows you to edit videos in any aspect ratio needed. So, you can easily edit reels on the software like any other video.

Is iMovie better than the VN video editor?

If you are using an Apple device, iMovie is undoubtedly the best software you should go with. The software has much better features and is made specifically for apple devices only.


To conclude, these were all the significant differences between the Capcut video editor and the VN video editor. While both software offer an excellent video editing service, some aspects differentiate them from each other. For this reason, they are meant to be used according to the user’s requirements.

Talking about the similarities, both apps have all the fantastic features that are needed to create awesome and aesthetic videos. Moreover, with the help of software like Capcut, you don’t need to be a professional video editor. Just download the app and start editing without any further thoughts.

VN, on the other hand, is among the prime choices of professional video editors. Coming late in the market, this software has managed to give tough competition to software like Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which eventually proves the worth of the VN software.

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