11 Best Video Stabilization Apps (Android, iOS, Windows & More)

These days, most of us use cameras and cell phones to capture many significant occasions. These recorded films can occasionally appear shaky for various reasons, such as a quick hand movement or a piece of recording equipment without stabilization. Users can utilize video stabilizer programs to solve this issue. Users of these apps may quickly fix the jerky sections of videos on their smartphones.

Best Video Stabilization App

These applications use various algorithms to evaluate shaky movies to do. Most of these programs can automatically stabilize video when the analyses are finished without user interaction. However, in specific programs, users must define the area of a video they wish to stabilize, the degree of stabilization, etc. As a result, they can begin their stabilization process.

The unwanted unsteady film may significantly harm the viewer’s experience. Extreme sports-focused vloggers or YouTubers typically seek solid and balanced footage, so their viewers don’t become dizzy. Camera stabilizers can, of course, correct this. However, they still have an additional expense that perhaps only business people can afford. Applications for video stabilization are helpful in this situation. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a list of applications that can become useful to you, so let’s get into it to find the best video stabilization app you should know about.

Best Video Stabilization App | 11 Applications That You Can Use!

When making high-quality films for either personal or business usage, video stabilization software is a crucial tool. It helps to eliminate the shakiness that frequently occurs while recording videos with mobile devices like smartphones, giving your clips and home movies a more steady, polished appearance. Unsteady videos can be annoying and challenging to watch. It could appear unprofessional as well. Fortunately, equipment for video stabilization can reduce camera shaking and enhance video quality.

Stabilizing a video is a very straightforward process with all of these tools. However, we have included the essential video stabilization procedures in each app’s description to aid inexperienced users. These programs also have other tools that can be useful. Users may extract content from videos, trim films, and apply filters to them using other tools. To learn more about these applications, look through the list.

Video Stabilization App

Now that we have gotten a sense of how the video stabilization apps function and why they are needed on both professional and personal fronts, and how easy it is to use a video stabilization app in general, let’s get into the best list of 11 best stabilization apps that you should know about in case you decide to use this specific feature right at the moment or somewhere shortly. Now, without any further ado, let’s get into the list of applications you have been waiting for too long!

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker provides essential video editing tools on a user-friendly interface. This video stabilizer was once included with the Windows operating system. This software is presumably already well-known to older users. You have a variety of choices for stabilizing your movies using it. Anti Shake, Anti Shake, Anti Wobble Correction (low), and Anti Shake and Wobble Correction are available (high). The main issue with this application is that it is no longer included with Windows OS, and the developer advises against obtaining Windows Movie Maker from unofficial websites due to potential malware and virus threats.

windows movie maker

It is free of cost and works on windows OS. Some of its key features are that it is very beginner friendly and the results of your after-stabilization can be directly shared on social media without delay. The basic outline of this application might be a massive turn-off for its users. 

Pinnacle Studios 

Pinnacle Studio will satisfy your demand for cutting-edge video editing software that supports 4K and 3D movies. The Green Screen Effect, a cutting-edge tool that supports 360 video editing and enables you to merge footage from up to 6 different cameras, is one of the cutting-edge additions that has elevated this venerable program to brilliance. You’ll also adore the Audio Ducking tool, which lets you equalize your video’s foreground and background while using the shaking stabilizer settings. Remember, though, that this program only offers video stabilization tools in its premium edition.


As we mentioned above, it is premium-based, providing fantastic features such as excellent editing and transitions, and all of this comes with a customizable interface! One of the significant drawbacks of this software is the absence of various features in its free version. Still, on the other hand, a significant positive feature is the customizable interface and workspace it provides.

Arcsoft Video Stabilizer

Arcsoft is a free, beginner-friendly video stabilization program that is simple to use. This tool provides a straightforward user interface for editing your films and supports the AVI, MPEG, and MPG video formats. Add the video you want to edit and choose the portions that need to be stabilized. If required, you may even edit the entire clip. Select the portions of the video you want to repair, then click the “Stabilize Video” button to start the video stabilization procedure. Though it lacks complex capabilities, this shaking stabilizer is the simplest to operate.

Some of its key features include the steady-cam effect it provides to your clip and its lightweight download. The stabilizer’s positive features deliver what it promises, and the major con is that it is not compatible with MAC.

Movavi Video Editor

One of the best video stabilization programs available for usage is Movavi Video Editor, which supports a wide range of audio and video formats. Numerous other functions are available, including backdrop removal, slideshow creation, audio normalization, and various video and audio effects. This program stabilizes your video and offers settings for brightness, contrast, white balance, and color saturation to help you improve the video’s quality. However, you must buy a license to keep utilizing these fantastic features. However, if you are not yet prepared to commit to a purchase, you need not fret. Before using the premium service, you can test it out with the accessible free trial version.

Movavi Video Editor

Key features of this software are all major formats are supported, and 4K Advanced editing features numerous titles, filters, and transitions in plenty. The negative would be the short period it provides during its trial period. It is compatible with both windows and mac.

AVS Video Editor

Since it includes both fundamental and sophisticated video editing features, this video stabilizer program for Windows is ideal for both amateurs and experts. It can play the most widely used video formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, DVD, 3GP, MOV, and MKV. Additionally, H.264, MPEG-4, and H.265 codecs are supported. However, the trial edition of this video stabilizer will add watermarks to each video you handle.

AVS Video Editor

Key features of this software include a user interface that is simple to use. Complies with all widely used formats. Several editing options, including joining, cutting, and color improvement. The negatives are that it is only available for windows and the limitations of the free trial version. 


iMovie is one of the top free video stabilization programs for Apple users. The program includes various editing tools and makes producing and editing videos simple. The app also has a tool for video stabilization. You can use iMovie on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad to do tasks.


The key features of this software are that it operates on all Apple hardware. 80 intelligent soundtracks and 13 sophisticated special effects for video. The positive features include a 4K video and assistance support across platforms. For Apple users, cost-free. The red flag of this software is its Incompatibility with Windows.

VideoStudio Ultimate

It is a professional video editor with many top-notch capabilities, as the name would imply. Additionally, it enables 360-degree films and supports audio normalization and ducking. In addition, you may include animated titles, transitions, and picture-in-picture effects in your movie. No matter how great it seems, it might not be much use if you can’t upgrade to the premium version. Only the Ultimate edition offers access to video stabilization tools.

VideoStudio Ultimate

The key features of this software include advanced editing techniques, including video masking and color grading Direct YouTube sharing. The positive areas of this software are the HD, 4K, and 360-degree video editing, and the cons are the trial version has functional restrictions.


Go for Deshake if you require a portable tool for video stabilization. It is a free Windows-based program for recording and encoding video that is a video stabilizer plugin for Virtual Dub. It provides a wide variety of video stabilization features, making it very practical for both beginners and experts. Panning, zooming, and rotation may stabilize horizontally and vertically with its aid. To function, though, it needs Virtual Hub.


This software’s key features include running on the iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone. Automatic balancing. Live sneak peeks. The major drawback is that it is only effective inside the Video Hub app.


When you first launch StabCam, a brief tutorial walks you through the app’s relatively simple interface. The software will ask you how shaky your video is and how precisely you want it stabilized when you import it (higher accuracy takes longer to render). Then it asks you to enter a few more fundamental options. After stabilizing the video by your settings, the app takes you to the sharing option so you can select how to share it. Only the first 10 seconds of your video are stabilized in the free version. Longer videos must be stabilized and exported in the finest quality using the premium version.


This is not a highly recommended software because it does you no to zero good with its premium version, but if you can afford the premium, this app is an absolute rockstar. Its key features include being easy to use and the guidance it provides, so it is absolutely beginners friendly. It is both compatible with iOS and windows. 


Our preferred video stabilizer app is PowerDirector, which is simple to use and produces excellent results. A precise camera shaking reduction feature is included in the PowerDirector software. For devices running Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, the software can handle files in the majority of video formats. Any level of the filmmaker may readily use the interface, which is loaded with tools for video editing and often updated with new features.


This software’s key feature is fantastic transition effects from blending and compositing to editing several tracks. No major drawback that we have noticed that you would face. This is our most recommended application all through the list, as it is also compatible with Windows and iOS.


Use this video editing program to give your films a more polished and appealing appearance. In addition to eliminating camera wobble, it enables you to edit your movie to add a theatrical effect like a pro. It contains a feature to assist you in adjusting the stabilization’s strength, and it offers a preview window so you may examine the outcomes before finalizing.


The key features are stabilization and encoding of video, the window for live comparisons, And several languages it can function in. The negative features are the availability of very few editing options, which are only compatible with iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Video stabilization app for android? 

There happen to be many video stabilization apps for android. You can pick from many, but if you are looking for the best, we suggest you use Movavi or StabCam. These are both fantastic options that will get your work done. Please check out the report above for more options according to your preference. 

What is the best Video Stabilization app for PC? 

Each of the available apps in the market possesses its pros and cons. If you ask us for recommendations, we suggest using PowerDirector. It is easy to use, and the features it has are amazing. Please look at the article above to find more information on this app. 


It’s okay to mess up the stance of your video. We have got your back. Hopefully, you found the right choice for you, and please let us know in the comments if you can recommend us something that didn’t make it to our list.

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