16 Best AI Animation Generator 2023 (Updated List)

It can be rightfully said without a doubt that following technological advancements in our new modernist world, AI is the soon-to-be biggest thing. More precisely, we are already in the starting phases of this new AI world. To reason this up, we can tell you that you no longer need to grab a pen and think about character designs and dialogues; the modern world has caught up with the development of AI animation generators which barely require any human effort except to press a few keys on their system.

Best AI Animation Generator

As we discussed above, the new AI breaks all barriers we as humans can face, and if you are motivated enough, you may make the following best Oscar-winning animation. But you must start somewhere to learn if you want to become an animator. The good news is that several artificial intelligence-based solutions are available to make generating animation easier. We will show you the best AI animation generator in this report.

Best AI Animation Generator | 11 Options To Choose From

Animation is a method for making still images appear to be in motion. Traditional animation entails manually painting or sketching images on sheets of translucent celluloid, which are subsequently photographed and filmed. The vast majority of animations made today employ visuals produced by computers. Before we begin, we need to be aware that there are four main types of animation: Motion graphics, stop motion animation, 2D animation, and 3D animation.

On the other hand, let’s begin this with a question, What exactly is an AI animation generator? What can it be used for? You can now animate presentations, films, and cartoons more quickly than ever with AI animation software. We examined the best AI animation tools for this report, and I discovered that Animaker, Vyond, and Renderforest provide fantastic alternatives for making videos quickly and easily. Not only the generators mentioned above, but we will also learn about free AI animation generators, AI generators from text, and AI generators from images. Now without any adieu, let’s get into it 

Best AI Animation Generator | Best 16 AI Animation Generators That You Can Use

Here is a list of the best AI animation software. By comparing the characteristics of each tool, you may select the one that best suits your needs. We’ll review these tools and the others below: What qualities do all effective animation software programs share? How to get each app installed and running right now? Let’s get started!


Without prior design or animation knowledge, you can create engaging and eye-catching animation movies with the help of Vyond (previously GoAnimate). It’s not only one of the greatest AI animation-generating tools; video producers and marketers also love it. The ease of use of Vyond, which allows anybody to use it regardless of prior designing or animation skills, is mainly responsible for its success.

It also comes with many ready-to-use, pre-made templates that you can use immediately to create your animation film. You can overlay your voice-over clips using Vyond’s Automatic Lip-Sync feature, and the program will automatically sync them with the characters. In my view, the finest feature of the Vyond animation creation tool is this.

Vyond logo

These are the following pros of this AI animation generator: 

  • Internal Templates and International Editing
  • export MP4 movies at 1080p quality
  • Exceptional dashboard and user interface
  • Unrestricted personalization and a huge asset library
  • Just click to enhance recorded speech

These are the following cons of this AI animation generator:

  • Every plan only permits usage by a single person.
  • The base plan does not include live chat assistance.
  • Not all of Vyond’s features are included under the Essential Plan.
  • The watermark function is available in Essential plans. Thus, you should get a Premium plan.

It is a premium-based tool with several tiers that it provides for its customers. Check out the price packages for these tools down below:

  • When invoiced annually, the basic plan costs $25 per month ($49/month).
  • When invoiced annually, the premium plan costs $54 per month ($49/month).
  • When invoiced annually, a professional package costs $83 ($49/month).
  • A customized plan called the “Enterprise Plan” is invoiced yearly.


Animaker is a cloud-based DIY tool for making animated films that include capabilities to satisfy the expanding demand for animated video production. This program helps everyone create professional animated videos while strongly emphasizing studio standards.

Everyone who wishes to create videos with a humorous and captivating plot should use this platform. Animaker is an effective tool for creators and companies to produce short and long-form videos. It is a platform for creating videos online that anybody can use, regardless of experience level or background in design.


Animaker is a platform that allows experts, amateurs, and designers to create animation and live-action videos for various uses. The service was created as the top 2D animation tool for all business professionals.

These are the following pros of this application:

  • 100M+ images and movies in the stock
  • A simple Drag and Drop builder for use.
  • 100M+ images and movies in the stock
  • A simple Drag and Drop builder for use.
  • Team and resource management
  • Video editing using a 4K music track

These are the following cons of this application:

  • There is a steep learning curve.
  • For amateur editing only
  • You must upgrade to get rid of the watermark.

It is a premium-based tool with several tiers that it provides for its customers. Check out the price packages for these tools down below:

  • The basic package ($10 for a year’s subscription)
  • Starter plan ($19 for a 12-month subscription)
  •  Pro plan ($49 for a 12-month subscription)


Doodly is software that enables users to create explanatory, animated, and hand-drawn videos by sketching on a computerized glass, white, or chalkboard. It requires no scripts or coding and is easy to use. Doodly, to put it simply, is a whiteboard animation application that makes things simpler. It works with Mac and Windows, and an internet connection is necessary. One thousand photographs with no royalties are in its library.

The software solution enables animators to choose any image, place it on canvas, and have it perfectly sketched. Users of this program for making hand-drawn animation videos can also immediately add sound or music files from its library without having to pay extra.

Doodly logo

You may also create explainer movies using a Doodly library of pre-made templates, props, and music tracks. You can even upload the tune you desire for every purpose you can think of. For instance, it may be used by internet marketers to create leads and by several organizations and educational institutions to further their missions. Doodly employs AI technology to create whiteboard animation films, making it one of the top AI whiteboard animation producers in 2023.

These are the following pros of this application:

  • Easy to use and a fantastic UI!
  • Produce videos of a high caliber.
  • To the video, record a voiceover.
  • Obtain music tracks without royalties.
  • You obtain a huge and outstanding media collection.
  • You can still utilize it even if you don’t have an internet connection.

These are the cons of this tool:

  • The procedure of exporting your movie is laborious and time-consuming.
  • There is no option for a free trial period; you must pay in advance.

It is a premium-based tool with several tiers that it provides for its customers. Check out the price packages for these tools down below:

  • When invoiced annually, a standard plan costs $20 ($39/month).
  • When invoiced annually, the enterprise plan costs $40/month ($69/month).


Users may create and edit videos, create websites, design logos, create product mockups, and work in graphic arts on the web-based digital platform RenderForest. Without having any technological experience, you may express your creative thoughts with this tool’s variety of templates and ease of use.

It’s the perfect tool for bridging the gap between experienced graphic designers, editors, and amateurs who wish to produce beautiful work. The RenderForest movie generator users may create videos to suit several use cases. There are five kinds of videos: presentations, slideshows, intros and outros, animated films, and music visualizations.

RenderForest logo

These are the following pros of this application:

  • 5M+ of stock photos, videos, and music
  • You may export movies of up to 30 minutes.
  • No technical or creative abilities are necessary
  • 24/7 access to up to 40GB of storage, superior client service
  • Get tracks of commercial music

These are the following cons of this application:

  • No preview in 720p or 1080p
  • The power of the logo designer is lower.
  • There are no alternatives for offline editing.
  • The rendering of the video can take longer than expected.

It is a premium-based tool with several tiers that it provides for its customers. Check out the price packages for these tools down below:

  • Free plan: $0 per month (500MB storage, & create 360p videos)
  • Lite plan: $16 monthly (10 GB storage, & create unlimited HD720 videos)
  • Pro plan: $22 monthly (30 GB storage & create unlimited HD1080 videos)
  • Business plan: $29 per month (50GB per seat, & create unlimited up to 4k videos)

Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator is a desktop animation program that enables you to create your characters in real-time using your computer’s webcam as an input device to imitate your expressions and movements. Its features include matching emotions to animate in real-time, built-in character templates, naturally animating character limbs, more quickly browsing the timeline, and the ability to animate a Photoshop or Illustrator puppet with an audio file. The program uses webcam acting to give a two-dimensional character life. With the help of Adobe Character Animator, you can recognize, capture, and create various facial emotions.

Adobe Animater

 In this case, controlling the character is also possible via the keyboard and mouse. Your character speaks when you do; when you emote surprise, your character does the same. Those who want to develop character animation swiftly and need to control a complicated character without writing complex expressions can use Adobe Character Animator (programming expressions).

These are the following pros of this tool: 

  • You may tweak the features of this straightforward Adobe tool, and it has excellent animation-creating capabilities.
  • Character animator is efficient and easy to use.

These are the following cons of this application:

  • The premium bundle is a bit expensive.
  • Although the program has a learning curve, several tutorials are accessible online and through Adobe.

It is a premium-based tool with several tiers that it provides for its customers. Check out the price packages for these tools down below:

  • Personal: $52.99 per month
  • Instructors and students pay $19.99 each month.
  • Teams – Monthly rates start at $33.99


For experts in education, training, and learning & development, Squigl AI software is a straightforward and quick video animation generator. It utilizes AI to provide intelligent content. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization lists nine options for educators to create digital learning content (UNESCO).

You don’t need to be an expert to create an animated video with a polished appearance! Squigl’s cutting-edge AI technology combines the proper image with pertinent keywords from your text to quickly make high-quality films. You may monitor behavioral and engagement statistics, measure learner engagement and retention, and assess the efficacy of your educational material.


These are the following pros of this AI animation generator:

  • The sale of movies is permitted
  • Upto 30 videos maximum each month
  • There is no branding for Squigl.
  • It may be utilized for a business endeavor.
  • You will obtain music songs without any royalties.
  • Customer service and webinars are both free to you.

These are the following cons of this AI animation generator:

  • These plans are quite pricey for independent producers.
  • The Pro plan does not allow for collaboration.
  • The Pro Plus package is the only one with third-party reseller rights.

The pricing for this generator is listed below:

  • When invoiced yearly, the Pro plan costs $72 per month ($162/month).
  • When paid annually, the pro-plus plan costs $100 per month ($227/month).

AutoDesk Maya

Autodesk’s Maya is one of the best software programs for 3D modeling. Maya offers a wide range of modeling, simulation, and animation tools. Maya’s robust features make complex animation tasks that were previously hard to do simple. Some applications include character creation, virtual reality, UV mapping, low poly, and motion graphics.

It is used mainly by creative teams connected to numerous platforms to produce high-quality 3D animations and visual effects. Some video game companies are now using Maya to create realistic environmental components in their games, such as trees, rocks, organic settings, and natural terrains, outside of the film and entertainment industry.

Autodesk Maya

These are the following pros of this tool:

  • Due to the great degree of customizability, creating workflows is straightforward.
  • Scripting and Has API
  • Large sceneries that come with Maya may be rendered beautifully using Mash.
  • The approach of building procedural files using nodes is practical.

These are the following cons of this tool:

  • Several scripts need to be modified to function correctly.
  • High crash risk, especially for novices
  • The subscription bundle seemed to be somewhat expensive to me.
  • The software’s extensive feature set may be a little bewildering for first-time users.

The pricing for this generator is listed below:

  •  The monthly fee is $126.
  • The monthly cost of this bundle for the Media and Entertainment Collection is $174.

ReAllusion- iClone

Reallusion is used to create and animate 3D characters for usage in virtual worlds, digital twins, archviz, and AI modeling. In essence, Reallusion provides iClone software for 3D modeling and animation. Businesses may make animated videos for online games and movies using the animation program iClone.

The tool allows professionals to modify photos, lighting, and scenery to suit their unique requirements. Users may create facial expressions, animate figures, and set up workflows using a single platform. iClone offers capabilities such as puppet emotional emotions, scene design, lip synchronization, muscle-based face key editing, facial capture, and more.


A user-friendly production system that combines character animation, scene design, and a cinematic narrative, iClone, connected to the most recent real-time technology, simplifies the world of 3D animation and quickly turns your vision into reality.

These are the following pros of this AI animation generator:

  • It’s indeed easy to integrate into any process.
  • iClone has a short learning curve and is easy to use.
  • Another intriguing feature of most Reallusion products is their 30-day free trial.
  • The most effective animation tool is iClone compared to Blender, Maya, and 3DS.

These are the following cons of this AI animation generator:

  • The greatest software for animation is iClone, and it has no flaws.

The pricing for this generator is listed below:

  • For iClone, a free trial is offered.
  • A single license of iClone costs $549, and upgrades are available.


The most reputable AI video-making platform is Synthesia. It is utilized by countless companies to produce videos in 65 languages, saving up to 80% of time and resources. The selling point of Synthesia is its ability to create video content without showing your face. Its platform doesn’t require cameras, studios, or production crews since it employs artificial intelligence to reproduce real-world footage instead of taking it with a camera. Depending on your preferences, you may create stunning films using avatars. The video maker may be used to create professional-quality explainer films, product demonstration videos, marketing videos, YouTube how-to videos, training videos, etc.


Synthesia provides many tools, including AI Avatars, AI Voices, Video templates, and an Editing studio, all designed to help you quickly create videos. Using this software, you don’t need prior knowledge to edit and create videos. As we already mentioned, the program fulfills its guarantee that it would allow you to create your AI film in a matter of minutes.

The pros of this tool are mentioned below:

  • There is no requirement for pricey apparatus like cameras or microphones.
  • You can create a professional-looking video in a matter of minutes.
  • By using your typefaces, you may completely alter how your film looks.
  • Get voice-over production costs down by hundreds or thousands of dollars.
  • Several languages may be used to construct a video, and mistakes can be quickly corrected.
  • Although the website offers over 40 built-in avatars, you may easily create your own.

The cons of this tool are mentioned below:

  • Only a few pieces of background music are available.
  • It also lacks API access, which limits the number of films you may make.
  • Although having a tonne of functionality, Synthesia cannot compete with videos that have been well made.
  • You may create AI videos that are no more than 10 minutes long with the Personal plan, which costs $30 per month.

The pricings are as follows for this tool:

  • Personal package with monthly billing of $30 Business plan:
  • Contact their staff and arrange a demo to receive the Corporate plan.


With the program RawShorts, we may use text to create quick animated animations. It is a flexible video-making tool that video producers strongly recommend. With the Raw Shorts DIY method, you may create high-quality videos without spending money. The website organizes the website’s hundreds of templates by topic. These templates offer a nearly full canvas for producing films rapidly. First, type in your text, branding, and audio or visual components. Because of the software’s drag-and-drop interface, creating films using RawShorts is comparatively easy.


Choose the character, item, or sound clip you like, drag it onto the template with the mouse, and then release it in the desired location. You are free to arrange everything in whatever you choose. Every browser may access the Rawshorts platform, which has powerful features, including text-to-speech, interactive charts, and more than a million audiovisual assets.

Here’s a list of all the positive aspects of this tool:

  • It is easy to use and pick up.
  • An easy-to-use drag & drop interface
  • You may employ people to create content and provide voiceovers.
  • The best tool for making short videos is Rawshorts.
  • Third-party transfer rights are granted to you.
  • High-definition videos may be readily made with Raw Shorts.
  • The application’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine converts text into movies well.

Here’s a list of all the negative aspects of these tools:

  • The cost of the subscription is high.
  • There must be an internet connection to use this cloud-based program.
  • Customers of RawShorts cannot contact customer care.
  • One must continually save their work because it does not automatically save.

Here’s a list of the price aspect of this AI animation generator:

  • First no-risk trial offer (it comes with a watermark and supports only 480p Resolution)
  • Essential plan with an annual fee of $25 and a monthly cost of $20
  • Business plan with an annual billing rate of $30/month ($45/month).


Moovly is a tool for making and modifying videos online. Moreover, it offers collaborative sharing opportunities, free visuals and soundtracks for use in your movies, editing tools, and no downloads. In a word, it’s one of the greatest AI animation generators and a web platform that enables users to create and modify video material. In the end, Moovly is an excellent online video creation tool. It provides much more than most competitors, especially at the free level. The extensive library of information on Moovly would be helpful to both students and educators.


 It includes an easy-to-use user interface and perfect performance in all browsers. On Moovly, you may get construction templates for skyscrapers and banner ads. They make it straightforward for companies to develop advertisements that seem professional swiftly. Finally, don’t be concerned if you lack any prior experience with video editing; Moovly is suitable for users of all skill levels.

These are the positive aspects of this tool:

  • No outros or watermarks from Moovly
  • Different soundtracks and Tracks
  • Automated audio-to-subtitle conversion
  • It offers an endless video duration
  • You and other users can work together on projects.

Here is the list of negative aspects of this tool:

  • The lack of transitions and effects restricts the inventiveness and originality of video artists.
  • The program has a few flaws, which is stressful when making movies.
  • It only provides an annual plan, which makes it challenging for new businesses to afford.

These are the following pricings provided by this tool:

  • When invoiced annually, the Pro plan costs $33.25 per month ($99/month).
  • When invoiced annually, the Max plan costs $49.92 per month ($199/month).
  • For more information on their enterprise package, contact their staff.


Prezi is a functional online tool enabling anybody to create stunning presentations, regardless of prior design or technical knowledge. It includes many fantastic features that may assist you in making any presentation you choose, and you can rapidly become proficient in using them all. Prezi is straightforward to use, especially for beginners. In a manner that slideshows cannot, the program has an easy learning curve and enables all user types to create visually spectacular presentations. Whether you’re attempting to cooperate, convey a crucial message, or market a business or service, this aids listeners in understanding your logic.

Prezi Logo

Using Prezi, you may create your presentation on a huge digital canvas, with each point being contextually painted and shown by panning across from left to right while zooming in and out. The second advantage of Prezi is the variety of integrations it offers. Other applications like Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet can be linked with Prezi. Thanks to these links, teams, and collaborators may easily share and present Prezi projects.

Here’s a list of all the positive aspects of this tool:

  • Build an endless number of projects in Prezi
  • It has zoom and broad features.
  • The starting price for the paid plans is $7 per month.
  • Premade templates are fascinating and lovely.
  • It can be integrated with Slack, Zoom, and Google Meet, among other applications.
  • The free edition is perfect for college students who don’t want to spend money.

Here’s a list of all the negative aspects of this tool:

  • Presentations are challenging to convert to PDF
  • Making presentations requires extra time.
  • The only paid memberships that offer offline access are these.
  • At slow internet rates, Prezi presentations might be practically impossible to navigate.
  • On specific systems, it might be more challenging to create additional slides.

The pricing for this software is as follows:

  • A standard plan with a monthly cost of $7
  •  A $12 monthly fee for the Plus package
  • A premium plan with a monthly cost of $16


Powtoon, on the other hand, is a web-based program for making animated films rather than slideshows. It is easy to use and requires no technical expertise while making videos. While it is one of the top 15 AI Animation Generator slideshow software solutions, it is an intriguing productivity tool. The result is what makes Powtoon such an excellent movie creation tool. Because of this, over 25 million people worldwide use it, and 96% of Fortune 500 firms do.


If you are familiar with PowerPoint, you won’t have any problem utilizing the animation program Powtoon. This movie creator has all the features necessary to wow your audience. It is reasonably priced and doesn’t require hiring video experts to make it for you. Using Powtoon animation software, even beginners without the necessary abilities may easily create videos. It does this by offering pre-made templates for making different kinds of videos. You may select from various designs to make infographic films, commercials, corporate videos, and other types of movies.

Here’s a detailed list of all pros of this animation generator:

  • A different format than slide presentations
  • Premium exports are unlimited and straightforward to use.
  • Making animated films is simple, even for beginners
  • There are several readily available templates.
  • You may download the offline version of the animated video.
  • There is no watermark because all plans anticipate removing the Powtoon trademark.

Here’s a detailed list of all cons of this animation generator:

  • Expensive packages and few collaboration choices
  • It takes some time to watch the presentation because of the lengthy loading procedure.

The pricing list for the following generator is as follows:

  • When invoiced yearly, the Pro plan costs $20 per month ($89/month).
  • The agency plan is only invoiced annually and costs $138 per month.
  • When invoiced annually, the Pro Plus package costs $25 per month ($197/month).


With the help of the popular whiteboard animation program VideoScribe, you can quickly create engaging whiteboard-animated films. Whiteboard animations are gaining popularity and are effective in increasing audience engagement. It is widely utilized by educators and is tremendously helpful in marketing. Because of this, it is an excellent option for people and companies who need to produce top-notch marketing films and instructional materials.


VideoScribe has 2 million users worldwide, and 4,000 new videos are created daily. The World Bank Group, the BBC, and other well-known companies also use this video creation platform. The extensive collection that comes with VideoScribe contains over 11,000 pictures and GIFs. The fact that colored images are free is the best feature. Customers of VideoScribe have access to a free trial that lasts for seven days. Since you don’t need to input your credit or debit card information, utilizing this is risk-free.

Here’s the list of the positive aspects of this tool:

  • Templates for quick-start videos using hand-drawn animated illustrations
  • There are more than 190 songs with no royalties.
  • an extensive library with a total of 7300 photos and several export choices
  • There are accessible hands, pens, erasers, and other accessories.
  • Free product updates and limitless online assistance are available to the user.
  • Almost 200 pieces of music free from royalties are available for anyone.

Here’s the list of the positive aspects of this tool:

  • Premium images are not a part of the membership but may be purchased individually.
  • Users are unable to erase the watermark in the free trial version!
  • Despite being a desktop program, the storing is done on the Cloud. Hence an Internet connection is necessary.
  • The customer cannot resell their films in the free trial version.

These are the following pricing that one can avail of the services:

  • A monthly plan with a monthly cost of $20.65
  • The monthly cost of the yearly plan, which saves 44% and is invoiced annually, is $9.44.


A free and open-source 3D modeling program is called Blender. Many capabilities are available with this 3D design program, including keyboard shortcuts for most tasks, video editing, scripting, free updates, unlimited installation, and much more. Simply put, it is free and open-source 3D animation software that enables you to make your own films and animations. Artists, students, and professionals like game developers and filmmakers all utilize it.

blender ai generator

Its user interface has the look and feel of a pre-release Maya or 3DsMax version. Although the UI is easy to understand and use, mastering it may be challenging. Blender is a free, open-source (GPL) video and film editing program for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Blender has earned the moniker “the Grand Unified Blender” thanks to its extensive use in television and feature film productions.

The best part of this is that Blender is entirely free to use.

Here are the pros of the free AI animation generator Blender:

  • It provides features such as Rendering, Scripting, Easy to use Interface, Pro Video Editing, and everything one would require.

Here are some cons to Blender:

  • While Blender isn’t always reliable, it outperforms competing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.
  • Because of its complexity, learning to utilize Blender’s numerous tabs and panels takes some time.


Pixcap is easy to use and allows you to animate a character’s body up to 5 times quicker than any other available program. The AI picture technology in this animation program can recognize human postures in any source of images, saving artists time. Its AI 3D animation program is only accessible online and provides real-time interaction with customers, coworkers, and a sizable animation market. ideal for generating action scenes without motion capture and for use in video games. The subscription for this software is $20 per month


Here are the cons of this AI animation generator:

  • Needs an internet connection to run and is not advised for novices. 
  • The 3D character must be rigged to load into this animation program.
  • At the moment, this AI animator website does not support 3D modeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best AI animation generator?

The best AI animation generator that we would suggest is Blender. We found absolutely zero Cons to the tool. The best part is that it is free, provides amazing features, and is beginner-friendly while catering to the need of professionals. Please refer to the report above for more options that may be better compatible with you. 

What are some best AI animation software?

Well, there are plenty of options that one can look into while searching for the best AI animation software; for example, Blender, RawShots, and Vyodo are amazing and offer amazing features given for free or under premium. Please refer to the report above for a varied choice of AI animation software. You may end up finding the most suitable one for yourself.


To choose which animation program is ideal, we advise you to test these services’ free or trial versions. As you can see from the list above, some websites have a particular service to provide. Anybody may use others to make animated films, presentations, explainers, or artistic videos, while others are geared at pure animation, and others are for professionals. Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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