7 Free Methods to Add Watermark to PDF Mac

As the name suggests, Portable Document Format (PDF) is a program file used to create & share documents. With such a high rate of piracy, sharing documents without a watermark is sure a stupid mistake. 

Add Watermark to PDF Mac

I’ll be sharing easy-to-follow methods to add watermark to PDF on Mac free & easy methods. Let’s get started!

Add Watermark to PDF Mac Free | 7 Easy Methods!

Before I share the methods, here are a few reasons why you need to add a watermark to your documents:

  1. Protects your document from getting reused or altered
  2. Brand awareness

Most people add watermarks to PDFs to keep their work safe from online copycats.

Here are some easy methods to add watermark to PDF on Mac for Free:

Google Docs — The Easiest Of All Methods Online

I write most content in Google Docs, and later, I save it as a PDF. Docs offer a dedicated option to add watermarks to the content —- here’s how you can do it on your Mac:

Create New Doc

  • Create document
  • Navigate to the tools, hit insert & select Watermark


  • Add image/text & customize accordingly

type watermark

  • Hit file > download > PDF

save watermarked pdf

You won’t be able to open existing PDFs in Google Docs, and therefore, you’ll have to convert them by following this:

  • Open drive.google.com

drive.google.com method

  • Upload the PDF file you want to add the watermark to
  • Click open with & select Google Docs

add watermark to PDF Mac

This process will convert your PDF to a docs file, add the watermark following the process I shared above, and later save it as a PDF.

Easy-peasy, right? Let’s move on to the next method.

Adobe Acrobat – Jack Of All PDF Operations

PDF was developed by Adobe, and to create, view, print & manage, Adobe developed Acrobat. With so many features, it enables the user to add a watermark & logo to the document. 

Unfortunately, Acrobat’s UI isn’t as simple as Google Docs —- here’s the process to add watermark to PDF Mac using Adobe Acrobat:

  • Download & Install Adobe Acrobat on your Mac
  • Open the PDF document (in which you want to add a watermark)
  • Hover over the tools > edit > watermark

add watermark to pdf in mac using adobe

  • Click on “Add” 
  • Similar to docs, customize the text or image accordingly
  • Click “OK”

Not interested in downloading it? Add a watermark to your PDF quickly using the Adobe online PDF editor —- here.

That’s how you add watermark to PDF Mac via Adobe Acrobat. 

Preview by Mac – The Traditional Method

Preview isn’t new to Mac users as it is an in-built program that is used to view & edit images as well as PDFs. Apple once claimed that Preview is the fasted PDF viewer on the Planet. 


Preview doesn’t offer a dedicated watermark feature, but there are edit options that can be used to add a watermark to a PDF —- here’s how:

  • On your Mac, open the PDF you want to add a watermark to

markup tool

  • Navigate to the markup tools ✏️
  • Select the text —- click the Aa icon to customize the font style.

Once done, add it to all the other pages & save it as a PDF. 

Smallpdf – Add Watermark to PDF Mac Online

I’m not a fan of third-party online tools, but some tools are exceptions, and Smallpdf is one of them. 

With tons of PDF editing features, Smallpdf offers both text & image watermark options. Besides, the UI provides easy navigation for even a new user.


Follow the steps below to insert a watermark into a PDF online:

  • Visit smallpdf.com/edit-pdf
  • Click choose files or simply drag & drop from your Mac

SMALLPDF to add watermark to pdf on mac

  • From the tools section, select text (T) OR image icon to insert as a watermark
  • Click anywhere on the canvas & type your watermark text

example of watermark

Like other PDF editors, Smallpdf allows you to customize the watermark text style.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a one-stop PDF editor for all Apple ecosystems as it is available for Mac, iPhone & iPad. Unfortunately, this isn’t a free tool, but it offers a one-week free trial that is enough if you don’t deal with PDFs regularly.


Along with adding watermarks, PDF Expert offers:

  • Text Editing
  • Creative Annotations
  • Splitting & Merging PDFs
  • Conversion to tons of other formats
  • Other Basic PDF Editing features

Here’s how to add a watermark to your PDF using Mac’s PDF Expert:

  • Download & open PDF Expert on your computer
  • Open the file you want to add the watermark to

PDF Expert to add watermark mac

  • Click Edit
  • Navigate to tools & click on the text
  • On the canvas, tap where you want to add the watermark.

Write & customize the watermark text accordingly. 


Popularly known as Microsoft Office Alternative, LibreOffice is a free, open-source software for all popular operating systems, including macOS, Windows & Linux. LibreOffice offers a sub-program called Draw that can be used to edit PDFs on Mac.

Is it easy to add watermarks to documents on Mac using LibreOffice? Figure it out by the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open LibreOffice Draw on your Mac

libreoffice draw layout

  • Select File>Open>Document (you want to edit)
  • Tap anywhere you want to insert the watermark

add watermark in mac using libreoffice

  • Type & Customize the watermark text

Apart from adding watermarks, there are tons of awesome PDF editing that you can do with LibreOffice Draw.

EasePDF – Online PDF Editor for Mac

Based on the idea of quick editing, EasePDF offers all essential PDF editing features and is compatible with all browsers. Tested with chrome & safari, and it was pretty smooth. 

Here’s how to add a watermark text to a PDF using EasePDF:

  • Visit EasePDF

easepdf online pdf editor for mac

  • Click on tools & select add watermark

add watermark

  • On the next page, upload the document

upload file

  • Tap & insert watermark text accordingly 

Save & download the edited PDF, and you are done! Smooth, isn’t it? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

While doing the research on the subject, I found some unanswered questions related to adding a watermark to a PDF —- let’s answer them all.

Can you add watermark to PDF in Preview on Mac?

Yes, one can add a watermark to PDF in Preview and it is one of the easiest ways to add a watermark to PDF on Mac.

Navigate to the third method for a precise step-by-step guide to adding a watermark to PDF using Preview.

Are online PDF editing tools safe for adding watermarks & editing PDFs?

Most tools claim that they don’t store the uploaded document for editing but the internet is a strange place and one should not trust anyone’s claim.

If it is a confidential document, avoid online tools and use trusted PDF editing tools like Adobe Acrobat or Mac Preview.

Closure | Adding Watermark to PDF On Mac

PDF editing is a constant requirement, and I have tried my best to get the most secure free tools to add watermark to PDF Mac. There are people paying $$$ a year for basic PDF editing, and sharing this blog post will only help them save money.

If you think that I missed anything or any valuable insight within the post, comment down below, and I’ll surely consider adding it to the post.

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